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#274401 vu duo and dtt

Posted by angelofsky1980 on 2 May 2012 - 06:53

If you know what devices you would like to add, we can start talking with precision ;)

ok..... let's go step by step
I would add the following device:
A867 Sky ddt

in the file bm750_defconfig, must be added the following entry:

correct ?

This is the LAST step.
First of all you should prepare (or adapt) one o more patches to add the driver into the kernel.
You can see OpenPli OE Git and BlackPole OE Git to take inspiration. In the second git, there are prepared patches for Vu+ boxes.

#274120 vu duo and dtt

Posted by angelofsky1980 on 30 April 2012 - 21:34

what is the path where to find the file?


where <vubox> should be the machine name of your box (bm750, vusolo, vuuno, vuultimo)

PS: I've wrote the post with no path verification. I've only the BlackPole git cloned on my devel workstation and it's different from Official Vu+ git repositories.

You can look into
for official vu+ git browse.

#274056 vu duo and dtt

Posted by angelofsky1980 on 30 April 2012 - 12:35

ok thanks for the answers....
but if you want to add other devices dtt, to automatically recognize, how should I proceed?

About official image you must look inside the respective kernel configuration file and read the modules enabled about DVB section.
If you need to add some devices to that image you must prepare kernel patches, adapt kernel config and prepare recipes for DVB firmwares (if needed).