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Verschil nightly build and Python3

7 augustus 2022 - 15:35

What is the differencen between both version in using them.

What is going on.....

16 april 2022 - 13:48

My PLI develop. updates overnight sometimes to 8.1 . Also, after 2 hours, the program indicates that it turns itself off due to inactivity. Is that my fault?

Transmitter scan

30 januari 2022 - 18:41

Is it possible to do a transmitter scan on a certain tunner. With fastscan I can choose A or B but can that be done with a full scan of 1 satellite? Or does the question not belong here? Then sorry.


22 november 2021 - 16:17

Is it possible to build a possibility in the new edition of PLI to adjust the LCD screen. E.g. smaller picons or larger clock etc. It's just a question.


15 november 2021 - 13:25

I used severall times "Satscan" it gives a siftware error.