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In Topic: wifi driver needed

7 January 2020 - 23:07

Why do you need an ipk, the 8188 is available in the feed (menu, plugins, software management, advanced options, package management).


p.s. the V2 uses the rtl8188eu chipset, which requires both kernel-module-r8188eu and firmware-rtl8188eu.

sorry the expert user is not active so i couldn't find advanced option.

i installed kernel-module-r8188eu but couldn't find rtl8188eu only rtl8187eu

please advise

In Topic: how to install netflix Vu Solose V2

18 November 2019 - 13:16

OpenPLi 7.3 does not exist...


There is currently one box with a NetFlix plugin that works upto 720p... But I'm afraid it does not have a long life as very soon NetFlix will improve their security system.

sorry, my mistake i meant 7.2, so how to use kindly explain