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In Topic: full ci+ support

17 December 2019 - 21:26

I personally doubt providers have much of an issue with this, as using a helper means the user has a CI+ module and a subscription, i.e. she/he is a paying customer.


Blocking those probably means a large percentage will switch to IPTV, meaning a loss of revenue.


Thank you, I was wondering why no one mentions this very important detail: I'm a legal subscriber, I pay for every receiver (TV, box etc) I own with CI, so it's somehow stupid to forbid one of my devices, doesn't matter the reason...

In Topic: full ci+ support

16 December 2019 - 20:48

Hi everyone, for me, the ciplushelper is working now on openatv (vu+ uno 4k dvb-c).


VTi also works native (without the need to add ciplushelper), but with VTi I'm missing hrtunerproxy plex client emulator (I did not find it in downloadable plugins list).


Thanks guys,

In Topic: vu+ uno 4k dvb-c revert to stock firmware

16 December 2019 - 20:38

Yes, that's what I thought also, unfortunately I did not find the magic key on RC (there is no button on vu+ uno 4k box, other than power on/off - a classical flip button).


Interesting however, on openatv firmware, stock and VTi firmwares, the procedure with stick inserted and power off/on is working, but not on openpli, where most probably I need to push something on remote but I don't know what. Maybe, power off/power on is not a deep reboot on openpli?


Now I'm just curios (I already have the online method on openpli that is working for me).



In Topic: vu+ uno 4k dvb-c revert to stock firmware

15 December 2019 - 07:57

Thank you all, I've succeeded but with a different method: via menu/flash image.


The problem was I did not find an essential info: the image on the stick must be placed differently on the stick.


With OpenPLI installed, the image must be in .zip and placed in "downloaded_images" folder. Then, the flash procedure is working via menu/flash image/downloaded images

With stock installed, the image must be unzipped and placed in the root of the stick. Then, the flash procedure is by just starting the box from the power button with stick inserted. But this method did not work (at least for me) with openpli installed.



In Topic: full ci+ support

14 December 2019 - 20:26

The only way to get CI+ working on a VU+ receiver (at least from a consumer's point of view) is to install VTi 9.03 >.

What is this VTi 9.03 and where could be obtained?


Actually, OpenATV will work as well.

That means I could install openatv 6.3 and ciplushelper 4.7 and it should work? I'll try it (on openpli I had troubles with something named "boxbranding" that is missing, when trying to install ciplus)


Thank you everyone,