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In Topic: Unable to mount NAS

Yesterday, 09:21

With Synology NAS you need to give NFS Permissions to your boxes ip.

So, go to Control Panel of your Synology and select Shared Folder/Edit/NFS Permissions and create there read/write permissions to boxes ip-address.

In Topic: HbbTV 1.5

7 February 2020 - 19:13

The content providers have also won this battle. HbbTV only works fully when using original boxes provided by the content provider. Not working on Open boxes. Even worse: when they get wind of a working version, they immediately chance it so it no longer works..

Also with some televisions. For example in Finland at the moment following:


  • LG: WebOS-models from 2017  (webOS3.5, 4.0 ja 4.5)
  • Panasonic: year 2019-models
  • Samsung: year 2019 -models 
  • Sony: Android-models starting 2016

In Topic: HbbTV 1.5

7 February 2020 - 17:52

That is what Vu+ should fix. 

Thanks Frenske.

In Topic: Is it possible to record from HDMI input ?

12 December 2019 - 18:31

The easiest way to test that "factoryimage" is to install it with openmultiboot plugin to hdd of the box. But then you need  to have this:


In Topic: Is it possible to record from HDMI input ?

12 December 2019 - 18:12




The only way to have succesful HDMI-IN recording is to use original vuplus "factoryimage".


i have testet it yesterday with a vu-ultimo 4k and VTI Image, and it even works without a hdmi splitter (picture and sound), but it isn't perfect.

i used for this test a apple tv 4k, but the result is a video with micro stuttering.

i think it needs a configuration to set the framerate 50, 60, or 24 Hz (fps) for record from hdmi-in as openatv it have.


but in openatv it didn't work here with vu-ultimo 4k and also not with a mutant hd 2400 indifferent if you use a hdmi splitter or not.





A lousy image, but try HDMI-INPUT  recording wit it: http://code.vuplus.c...odel=vuultimo4k