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#1072375 watermark in classic videos

Posted by tomek on 22 June 2019 - 15:41

Już śpieszymy z wyjaśnieniem tajemniczej strzałki :) Jest to "znak wodny" dystrybutora w Londynie u którego kupujemy teledyski. Mamy ten znaczek na 99% zagranicznych teledysków bowiem 99% kupujemy właśnie w Londynie :) I to cała tajemnica.


We are already in a hurry to explain the mysterious arrow :) This is the "watermark" of the distributor in London where we buy music videos. We have this stamp on 99% of foreign music videos because we buy 99% in London :) And that's the whole secret.



Source: https://satkurier.pl...internecie.html

#961781 Zgemma box, is it worth to buy?

Posted by tomek on 9 November 2018 - 15:27



1803 - Nagra. cak6 (boxkey & rsa) still supported

1861 - Nagra. cak6 (boxkey & rsa) still supported

186C - Nagra. cak7 only

06ED - Irdeto (cardless in newest stb's: evobox lite and evobox hd)


NC+ (Cyfra+ & Platforma N):


0B01 - Conax HW paired and software paired (rsa - only BSLA and BSKA series stb) - system used originally by Platforma N

1813 - Nagra with 0100 Seca tunelling - system used originally by Cyfra+

1884 - Nagra cak7. Newest NC+ cards.


Right now NC+ is pushing OTA upgrade to Cyfra+ cards, they try to force customers to replace 0100 cards to 1884 and new box.


This patch fixes broken 0100 provider: http://www.streamboa...cam/ticket/4691


They will switch off completly 0100 seca tunneling in december 2019: https://ncplus.pl/za...ieczenie-tresci and probably modify nano on 1813 provider - just like canalsat did on 0100&1811 cards to fight with cardsharing.


Also implementation of cayman cards is a sort of failure


For about 35euro you can buy from them in prepaid offer: https://ncplus.pl/sk...-149/zamow Pace


HDS7241 STI 7xxx series SoC stb with cayman cak7 card, pace is vulnerable to old sti hack http://www.security-...01-details.html and you can run cayman card and 4k channels on cak7 (private as for now) oscam...


Its endless cat and mouse game.

Excuse my simple english :)