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#395743 Ocram Picons

Posted by Pale-Rider on 1 January 2014 - 18:54

Andere optie is Ocram zijn eigen feed gebruiken.

Werkt prima, en altijd uptodate.


Ik heb onderstaande CONF-bestand (.conf) in etc/opkg toegevoegd.

src/gz ocram-picons http://enigma2.world...com/feeds/ocram


Op die manier zijn de picons, en de icesat zenderlijst te downloaden.





If you are going to copy the feeds from another image at least have the decency to say so, especially as by using it your stealing their bandwidth they paid for.

#384352 CrossEPG updates and enhancments coming to ViX

Posted by Pale-Rider on 2 November 2013 - 00:21

Just a heads up guys.
Andyblac has once again twiddled those magic fingers and has commenced a major recode of the CrossEPG plugin, from build 755 CrossEPG will use a free tuner same as ABM does to gather its data. work is still ongoing but this should give you a quick idea of how things are coming.
Once again i would like to give my personal thanks to Andyblac of the ViX image team / OE-Alliance for his continual strive to improve Enigma2 for ALL users of all images alike.
Here are a few screenshots of the new CrossEPG in action in build 755.

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#377386 Installing the OnDemand plugin (BBC/ITV/C4)

Posted by Pale-Rider on 2 October 2013 - 14:31

- [OnDemand] iRadio
- Adding a new Internet Radio plugin to OnDemand
- Radio Sources from:
- SHOUTcast
- Tunein
many thanks to mcquaim ( MAC ) for all his hard work and bringing this update.

#360707 Installing the OnDemand plugin (BBC/ITV/C4)

Posted by Pale-Rider on 12 July 2013 - 15:00

the above post is completely untrue !


im running the devixified version on my VU+ using OpenPli 3.0 and BBC iplayer is working perfectly.


to say that its the devixified version thats failing without any proof is totally idiotic.

the problem is more likely to be that there are several versions and users are probably not using the latest one.

lets not forget that the BBC site changed things recently and it was the devixified version that had the fix days in advance of the OE Alliance version.so its more likely that users are not using that latest fix,because i assure you the latest devixified version is also working just fine.




Climb down from your high horse you plonker.  Every person i have seen so far report issues with the iplayer has been running the devixed or stand alone version, none have so far confirmed it with the OE-Alliance version. as for fixes just look at the GIT for details and dates when fixer were and were not introduced into the plugin.

#360602 Installing the OnDemand plugin (BBC/ITV/C4)

Posted by Pale-Rider on 11 July 2013 - 22:51

So all in all, as we are an OpenPLi forum, is there any way to get BBC Player working on OpenPLi at the moment?

If so, what IPK or anything else should we install./copy to extensions directory?

all of the source files are rite there in the GIT, surely the pli devs could adapt it to work natively in pli in the same way that blackhole did by cloning the git and making alterations them selves. rite now the versions that are failing are the so called DeVixed ones that were adapted by members of the satpimps forum, the original OE-Alliance version is still working just fine.

#360587 Installing the OnDemand plugin (BBC/ITV/C4)

Posted by Pale-Rider on 11 July 2013 - 20:34

Maybe someone is willing to adjust the plugin for a Dreambox 8000? Would be very nice and much appreciated.


it's working fine on the DM8000 with the OpenATV image using the OnDemand plugin from their ( OE-Alliance ) feeds.

#286753 'Cool TV Guide V6' on PLi3

Posted by Pale-Rider on 7 July 2012 - 15:25

Time to boycot 'Cool TV Guide'

So far I followed Andy had previous code. Maybe he want to make the code public and same as openwebif use community to improve it. Posted Image

Forgive me if i am wrong and if i am then please do correct me, But why not use the ViX EPG ? as the ViX GIT is open for others to use in the same way as the PLI one is i would assume you could use that or as you say maybe andy and the pli team could collaborate ?.

#256458 [et9x00] progressbar in EMC and CoolTvGuide with new kernel and new drivers n...

Posted by Pale-Rider on 20 February 2012 - 20:47


Why don't you send an email describing the problem to the e-mail mentioned in the window when you save your settings (paypal account).


We already did on behalf of ViX his stance was as far as he was concearned the problem lied with the image ViX / Pli and it was not his to fix.

I know the author and i talked to him. He point of view is that he wants to keep the plugin compatible to almost all images - what was realized until the change in PLi. So maybe he holds that it's not his part to change the code... :(

well i respect that he wants to keep his source closed however if he is unwilling to fix his plugins to work with pli and other images such as ViX we cant very well do any thing about it can we ?.

#255546 Improved version of blind scan for ET9x00 only

Posted by Pale-Rider on 17 February 2012 - 13:33

I have tested it on the uno and ultimo and it works perfectly on both.

#244377 WHY is bootloader updates needed for some VU+ models ?

Posted by Pale-Rider on 7 January 2012 - 12:57

Some duos needed that bootloader update some dont . Same I see with solo so whats up ?
The Uno needed a FGPA upgrade but thats different.
Do all duos need an bootloader update when updating to the latest PLI image ?

Just to clear things up the FPGA upgrade is a means to programe the chip that controls the tuner card, fixing many problems such as the SR 30,000 problem no bootloader is required for use with the 3.1.1 kernel on this receiver.

#244371 WHY is bootloader updates needed for some VU+ models ?

Posted by Pale-Rider on 7 January 2012 - 12:45

All duos / solos needed a bootloader update because of the new filesystem.

not quite correct. the Duo bootloader simply allowed you to use images over 64MB in size and was released well before the Linux 3.1.1 kernel was even conceived to be used on these boxes, The solo bootloader however was written specifically to allow the kernel to run on those boxes. saying that it is a mystery why some Duo's fare better with the bootloader and some dont need it at all.

#242697 Vu+ Kernel 3.1.1 beta

Posted by Pale-Rider on 31 December 2011 - 12:44

Today's version already has the ..29 drivers, and tomorrow's will have the ..30 drivers.

There is no need, and there never has been any need to post drivers or even to post messages about them here on the board, which has nothing to do with you, your messages, the kernel, VU+, or the conjugation of the planets. The reasons are the same as for all the other boxes.

I am simply answering a question posted by a member of your staff

is this also dissalowed from discussion ?. just so i know not to answer questions asked of me if thats the case.

#242685 Vu+ Kernel 3.1.1 beta

Posted by Pale-Rider on 31 December 2011 - 12:22

well the OSD has now been setup so that it no longer hangs so far over the left hand side of the screen on initial setup although you do still need to tweak the settings to your particular TV as was the case but the menus are now not cut us as much as they were.

streaming has also been imporved as it no longer stutters as much as it did previously and imporvments have been made to recordings that members had posted problems with on the ViX forum just to name a few things that have imporved with the kernel / drivers.

#242681 Vu+ Kernel 3.1.1 beta

Posted by Pale-Rider on 31 December 2011 - 12:05

but please back on topic please to the new VU+ drivers, did they make progressive?

I'm not quite sure what you mean but quite a few issues have been resolved with these drivers
20111222(Needs Image update)
- Switch to kernel 3.1.1
- Improve recording(reduce load)
- Improve vtuner performance
- Support german remote keyboard(ultimo)
- Add security enhancement
- Reduce FPGA update time(uno, ultimo)
- Improve recording
- fix 3d setup in MODE1
- fix ui position setup problem

#242652 Vu+ Kernel 3.1.1 beta

Posted by Pale-Rider on 31 December 2011 - 10:45

yeah seems the thread that was locked for me postsing the 3.1.1 drivers may have been a little short sighted. also for those interested new drivers were again released today but i'm not allowed to post them here, so you will have to google.

we didn't say that!
so don't post rumours here....

Excuse me ?. i have never posted rumours or speculation and for your information it was clearly posted by milo that my post was unwelcome as point 1. The pli image at that time was not capable of using these drivers as they were waiting for Vu to give them patches and point 2. the drivers would be included in the image and therefore no wanted nor needed on the forum.

in future i sugest you get your facts straite before jumping on the bandwagon like the rest of the mindless sheep on this forum.

No need to google, the drivers are available for anyone to download at http://archive.vuplu...wnload/drivers/
And of course they'll be in tomorrow's update.

Milo i have a great deal of respect for you and the work you do but in my opinion and this is my own personal opinion not that of the ViX team, this forum prefers it's users to be mindless sheep and not real satellite enthusiasts. none of my posts have been disrespectful or attacking you or the PLi image / team in any way. However at every step i make i seem to be slapped down by your staff. If you only want mindless sheep on your forum rather than real satellite enthusiasts who can think for them selvesplease let me know so thta i do not waste your's or my own valuable time in the future.

no doubt when the rabble read this i will be inundated with negative feedback and a ban which is very sad indeed as i always thought that the PLi team stood for inovation and inventiveness, i sinceraly hope i am wrong but from my experiences here this last week i dont think so.