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Latest OpenPli 8.1 stable for Vu+ Ultimo4k

27 June 2022 - 08:57



since I upgraded my Vu+ Ultimo 4k to OpenPli 8.2 my overall power usage in my house increase from about 2kw per day to 4kw per day (when I am not at home and not using any power except for stand by power.


The CPU temperature in stand by is 65°C - I think it used to be about 40-45° with 8.1


Does any of you guys have one of the latest 8.1 stable releases and can you share it with me somehow?


Best regards

Autobackup - custom file selection

13 June 2022 - 11:01



I'd like my box with OpenPli to add one conf file from /etc/opkg/ to the AutoBackup that is generated when flashing a new OpenPli version using the Flash Image menu. Is that possible? And if it is not possible - would it be possible to add that feature in a later version of the AutoBackup?

Currently I can select custom files/folders for the enigma2settingsbackup - but not for the AutoBackup


Best regards