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VU+Duo2 Transcoding

9 December 2014 - 14:24

Hi Guys


although having complained about the missing  "hidden SSID" issue - in the meantime the rig is connected by wire :-)


but there is something else:

I have installed th yesterday issue of PLi and (from the feed) the "transcoding setup plugin".


And these are the problems:


- with a Samsung Galaxy-Tab-S, VU+Player and VLC for Android everything works properly

(with the built in VU+Player nothing works at all in terms of transcoding.......)

- with a Samsung Galaxy Note (first generation, Android 4.2.x), VU+Player and VLC for Android  it does not.

- and on a Windows 7 x64 with Open-Web-Interface it works when selecting "stream" but not when selecting "transcode"


could you possibly shed some light on this strange behaviour ???

VU+Duo2 -- Hidden SSID

20 November 2014 - 11:21

Hi Gentle Beings,


just unwrapped and installed my new VU+Duo2 (openPli 4.0 from yesterday, Nov. 19th)


The only Problem detected so far is:

When activating WLAN everything works according to plan EXCEPT if I hide my SSID on the router.

Of course "hidden SSID" is checked and all necessary credentials are supplied.


As Long as the SSID is made "visible" on the router, everythig works as designed :-)

As soon as I Change to "hide SSID" on the router (all other Parameters unchanged) --> no Connection.


Any Ideas ??

Openwebif on Android --> Streaming ?

20 September 2014 - 10:42

Hi Gentle Beings,


I wonder how I could make my Galaxy Note stream TV-channels from my Receivers the same way as it works on a PC (on the local WLAN only !).


On the Receiver there is OpenPli 4 with the Openwebif and on the PC there is  VLC installed and as soon as I click the Streaming Icon, VLC picks up the stream and Shows it on the PC - perfect.


On the galaxy note I can open the Openwebif on the Receiver, Switch from "mobile" to "full" mode, open the Bouquets but when clicking the stream Icon it says "downloading" but nothing else happens (VLC is installed ├│n the galaxy of course).

And there is really no detailled Options to set on the VLC for Android.


Does this work at all (how then) or would I have to install complete different Software on the Galaxy ?