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#1451329 Can't install OpenPli on Vu

Posted by scriptmelvin on 14 May 2022 - 22:23

Im using verbatim usb 32 GB.

Try the smallest stick you can find, 2GB, 4GB or 8GB. The bootloader might timeout before a large(ish) stick is detected.

#1446938 Recompressing recorded movies with ffmpeg

Posted by scriptmelvin on 22 April 2022 - 16:47

Can you test to file I provided in my previous message, select the subtitles and tell me if they show in your device ?

I tried your file. Subs kick in 15 seconds after turning them on. On OpenPLi 8.1. When I stop playback, "reset playback position" and replay, subs display is instantaneous.

#1432302 i need some information

Posted by scriptmelvin on 21 February 2022 - 02:01

Since nobody chimes in, I'll give it a try.

  1. It's better if you test your plugin on your STB.
  2. There is almost no documentation on enigma2. Here is a (auto-generated) python class reference. I suggest you look at the source code of existing plugins, you can learn a lot from that.

#1384658 IMDB plugin issues

Posted by scriptmelvin on 15 September 2021 - 19:29

I fixed some more things:

  • Characters in the cast list would be listed double ("John Smith as Jack Jones as Jack Jones")
  • User reviews didn't work
  • The user ratings gauge (the stars) didn't match with the actual rating. Caused by the PLi-FullNightHD skin using different dimensions for the widget than the actual pixmap dimensions. I didn't really fix this, I simply included two enlarged pixmaps (suffixed with _HD) with which the skin works. If you change the pixmap paths (append _HD) in the IMDB Plugin section of skin_plugins.xml of PLi-FullNightHD, the stars gauge will work properly

PR #718