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CDS EPG in vreemde talen

26 March 2022 - 01:22

Ik zie ineens vreemde talen in de CDS EPG voor Nederlandse zenders. M'n Frans is nog wel ok, maar Kroatisch?


Is dit het begin van het einde?


IMDB plugin issues

1 June 2021 - 01:54

Hi all,


I'm running OpenPLi for a week now (on a VU+ Uno 4K SE), overall very content. Very well put together, few bugs.


The IMDB plugin has several issues:

  • Use of if re.Match.group('xxx') raises IndexError: no such group when no match.
  • Use of re.Match.group(0) when group(1) is intended.
  • Not able to parse the "new" (black, "mobile friendly") IMDB pages.

I fixed these on my receiver, would you be interested in my contribution? If so, how? diff posted here? ipk posted here? Fork & PR on github?