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two satellites 1 DM 7000s

27 april 2012 - 17:26


I have two satellite dishes pointing different. Is it possible to set up both om my DM7000 S DreamBox which only has 1 input? (So I don't have to disconnect the one, and do a satellite-search and all that stuff each time I wanna change satellite). I know that there is some kind of splitters (two inputs that leads to 1 output)... can such a splitter be used? And can CCcam.cfg handle two different clines?

hope someone can explain this or point me some docs?


- augh

video file formats

26 april 2012 - 17:55


I have my dream box DM7000 up running with OpenPLI. (Enigma1). I have a internal HD in it, and I'm trying to use it so I can watch movies uploaded to the dream box from my PC (via FTP).
But seems like it doesn't work... I have tried .AVI .MPEG .MKV and so on, but it won't play.

Can anyone point me a doc or please tell how this is done? I want to use the Dreambox also as a media player, simply. For instance with VLC. But not watch TV on PC screen... not that way - the other way around... see downloaded movies on my TV, from sofa ;-)


- augh