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In Topic: Xmltv source for reunion

1 December 2018 - 10:02

No problem for the switch. The schedule is same but some channels which are found in one are not found on the other. 

In Topic: Xmltv source for reunion

1 December 2018 - 08:34

Hi Willy,


EPG is working again for Parabole channels, thanks. Could you please add separate EPG for SONYMAX from Parabole Maurice please. Sonymax Parabole has different EPG from Canalsat. Thank you.


Sony MAX, 1_0_1_1786_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0

In Topic: Xmltv source for reunion

29 November 2018 - 16:42

Thanks Willy. Will check and report.

In Topic: Xmltv source for reunion

29 November 2018 - 09:15



Below are the channels that do not have epg. They are mostly from parabole reunion and parabole maurice. Thank you.


6 TER, 1_0_1_1005_C47C_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
AUTOMOTO, 1_0_1_101B_C47C_016E_00A00000_0_0_0 
BFM TV, 1_0_1_08F6_C418_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
CANAL J, 1_0_1_08A0_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
Chasse & Peche, 1_0_1_0069_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
CINE+ CLASSIC, 1_0_1_0097_C418_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
CNN, 1_0_1_1022_C47C_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
CNN I, 1_0_1_0077_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
Dreamin, 1_0_1_008E_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
Eurosport2, 1_0_1_089A_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0 
exo tv, 1_0_1_008F_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
J-ONE, 1_0_1_0899_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
KTV, 1_0_1_0065_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
M6 Music, 1_0_1_006E_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
Mangas, 1_0_1_08F4_C418_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
MBS, 1_0_1_178A_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
MTV Beats, 1_0_1_0066_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
Nickelodeon Teen, 1_0_1_008C_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
Nina TV, 1_0_1_0083_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
RMC Sport Access 1, 1_0_1_0079_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
RMC Sport Access 2, 1_0_1_0BC5_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
rta, 1_0_1_089E_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
SKYNEWS, 1_0_1_008D_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
SKYONE, 1_0_1_01F8_C544_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
Sony MAX, 1_0_1_1786_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0 
Sony SAB, 1_0_1_1785_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0 
Telemante, 1_0_1_1789_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
TF1 Series Films, 1_0_1_1008_C47C_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
TFX, 1_0_1_04B2_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
TIJI, 1_0_1_1015_C47C_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
TOONAMI, 1_0_1_0070_C418_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
USHUAIA SD, 1_0_1_100E_C47C_016E_00A00000_0_0_0
Zee Magic, 1_0_1_0082_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0 
Zee Tamil, 1_0_1_04B9_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0 
ZeeAndTV, 1_0_1_1787_C670_016E_00A00000_0_0_0 

In Topic: Xmltv source for reunion

27 November 2018 - 15:51

Hi doglover,


Recently there have been several channels added and some removed plus changes in channel references. Could you please update accordingly. Thank you.