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Rytec Sweden (tele 2)

26 juni 2022 - 16:03

Full epg dont work for viasat film hits channel. I use epg import But viasat hits only show 1-2 epg lines.


18 juni 2022 - 21:24

I have problem with my EPG. Its not epgimporter/iptv. Its official EPG from tele 2/com hem. Swedish provider. Totally legal.
But I cant se full epg info. I can just se two lines. Any help?
I use openpli 8.2.

Restart enigma

17 juni 2022 - 21:53

When I restart enigma 2 it takes very long time. About 1-2 minutes. I use vu zero 4K. This is happening when Im using 8.2. Never happend before when I was using openpli 8.1 or other images.
Can you help me?


31 mei 2022 - 18:26

I have vu plus zero 4K
I bought a pvr kit with HDD attached
I have put it togheter But nothing is happening.
how I proceed from here?
I tried to look i the menys But cant find HDD

Is this skin okey for openpli 8.2?

23 mei 2022 - 19:11