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OpenPLi 7.1 - issue with Partnerbox entries as default device when creating timers

2 July 2019 - 14:51



First, many thanks for this great image and congrats with the 7.1 release!


I have a few small VU single tuner no HDD boxes using a VU multi-tuner box as their main recording device. Using the Partnerbox extension for years had the 1st Partnerbox entry as their default recording device. After upgrading to 7.1 apparently this makes enigma2 go into some deadlock with no UI (still TV picture) when creating anew timer on the small VU boxes from EPG when having the remote Partnerbox as the default recording device. Need to kill the enigma2 process to make it restart to gain back control.


Changing the config to have the local device as default recording device in Partnerbox and then manually changing each timer when creating it to the Partnerbox entry works so the issue is apparently only related to having a Partnerbox entry as the default one.


Tried to restart enigma2 in troubleshooting mode but I'm not sure if this produced any helpful debug?


[eDVBSatelliteEquipmentControl] sat 3592 found
[eDVBSatelliteEquipmentControl] ret1 10000
[eDVBSatelliteEquipmentControl] ret5 10000
[eDVBSatelliteEquipmentControl] ret 10000, score old 0
[eDVBSatelliteEquipmentControl] score new 10000
[eDVBSatelliteEquipmentControl] final score 10005
[RemoteChannelStreamConverter] fallback to default translation for Remote channel stream converter
[Skin] Processing screen: EPGSelection
[Skin] Processing screen: SimpleSummary
[eHdmiCEC] received message
[ActionMap] Keymap 'EPGSelectActions' -> Action = 'yellow'
[ActionMap] Keymap 'EPGSelectActions' -> Action = 'timerAdd'
[TIMER] record time changed, start prepare is now: Sat Jul  6 10:57:40 2019
[eHdmiCEC] received message
[eHdmiCEC] received message
[eHdmiCEC] received message 8F
[eHdmiCEC] send message 90 00
[eHdmiCEC] received message
[eHdmiCEC] send message 90 00
connectionLost? [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): <class 'twisted.internet.error.ConnectionLost'>: Connection to the other side was lost in a non-clean fashion: Connection lost.
[eDVBCAService] free slot 0 demux 0 for service 1:0:19:1BEC:44:46:E080000:0:0:0:
[eDVBCAService] free service 1:0:19:1BEC:44:46:E080000:0:0:0:
[eDVBServicePlay] timeshift
[eTSMPEGDecoder] decoder state: play, vpid=ffffffff, apid=ffffffff
[eDVBPCR0] destroy
[eDVBVideo0] DEMUX_STOP  ok
[eDVBVideo0] VIDEO_STOP ok
[eDVBVideo0] destroy
[eDVBAudio0] AUDIO_STOP ok
[eDVBAudio0] DEMUX_STOP ok
Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to troubleshoot further to locate the issue.