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In Topic:EPGimport

21 november 2016 - 20:16

In OpenPLi the EPGimporter is called:  XMLTVimport and it is in the feed.


That is indeed weird  ;)


Everything names it as EPGImport (extension, plugin screen) but the it is called XMLTVImport in the feed.


Very weird  ^_^


It is possibleto rename the ipk in the feed? 

In Topic:Show menu paths (not working as expected)t

14 november 2016 - 12:09

"Title" vs "title", is it managed the same way?

In Topic:Show menu paths (not working as expected)t

14 november 2016 - 12:04



Thanks and what about the second reported bug:


- When small (font size) is selected as option we didn't saw the full path. So small (font) is doing nothing, it is the same as disabled.




The patch includes this fix. 

When small is selected, the path is written in small font above screen's name. (widget "screen_path"  added in Screen TopTemplate")

you can try it by downloading skin_templates.xml  from GitHub and replace your local skin_templates.xml file.
I have tested in last night (but it was the night  :D )


i saw also a patch but could one of you please double check.. there is a widget "title" removed... and a "Title" added... please verify if there might be a mistake....


"Title" is not added, but moved from line 36 to 37 as widget "screen_path" inserted in line 36.


In Topic:Show menu paths (not working as expected)t

13 november 2016 - 22:32



You are right. Skin issue.




de rien  ;)