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In Topic:service stream https

17 maart 2020 - 18:34

version 5.0 possibility to add multiple users straming and status





Y en status puedes ver que usuarios se han conectado



In Topic:service stream https

2 maart 2020 - 13:59

Yes, I agree.


But in that case I still won't go this route, but use an SSH tunnel instead, in combination with public key authentication.


if what happens is that under specific environments you will not be able to use that option that you mention

If the client device is a smartv television, and your router has no option.

┬┐ How would you create an ssh tunnel with smarttv television?

In Topic:service stream https

2 maart 2020 - 12:14

The smarttv is a client, the box is a server, so in terms of security those two don't really compare.


The biggest issue with opening up your box onto the internet is it being hijacked for an IPTV streaming network, and you don't prevent that by encapsulating the stream into TLS.


I just want to make sure people reading this understand that, and not have a false sense of security...


If we agree on that it is not that you have more security to encapsulate, but at least you are not using the enigma2 system login, that if someone accessed the username and password of the stream they would also have the access data to the receiver .... since in enigma2 the user for stream is the same as the user to access the system

In short, it is advisable and safer to use openvpn as you say, but in the case of not being able to use openvpn it is safer to use https with a username and password different from the enigma2 system

In Topic:service stream https

2 maart 2020 - 12:00

HTTPS is only useful against man-in-the-middle attacks, which is not relevant for a stream. Using HTTPS doesn't make it not more secure at all.


The reason a VPN is more secure is not because of the encryption, but because of end-point authentication, similar to using an SSH tunnel.


if it is true, but it depends on what situations such as the use of a smartv do not have the possibility of using openvpn, it will be somewhat safer to use https than http.

In addition to the reverse proxy with pystreamy, the authentication data is not that of the enigma 2 receiver but of the created proxy, therefore if someone accessed that data, they would not have the enigma2 authentication data.