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In Topic: Reading EPG data from OpenTV (28.2E and 13 E)

26 July 2019 - 16:38

Open EPG Plugin has a kit and support thread at OoZooN as all my other plugins and I'm not anybody's friend or darling or whatsover.


Putting something like Sky in a Plugin name or description is idiotic - unless you enjoy Tickling Tigers.

In Topic: Reading EPG data from OpenTV (28.2E and 13 E)

25 July 2019 - 22:39

In the real world MY OpenEPG Plugin pushes the EPG data directly into enigma2 ;-)

In Topic: full ci+ support

16 July 2019 - 18:23

Partly this summary is not correct, as there are multiple Open Source implementtions for CI+ available (I know at least 3 and all of these are easily findadble with a simple search with your favorite Search engine and/or following some hints in various boards).


Some of these are not even e2 related, but all of them share a good portion of code (some are C based, some C++,..) which means technically there is nothing to stop anybody from using it.


BUT all of these solutions are using more or less the same borrowed certificates to build a valdi key chain which produces a valid authentification certificate which will, when presented to the CI Module, be accepted and hence the Modules will 'descramble' by sending out the transponder stream re-encrypted with AES but the code will also get from the module valid keys to allow the Receiver to descramble it.


This means if the STB Manufactor includes the possibility to set their CPU into AES decryption mode and pass the output from the CI(+) Module together with these keys, then it will support not only to use CI Modules, but also CI+ Modules.


If the vendor keeps the ioctls for this 2 tasks non-public, then you have a non-public solution, if they are public (or easily reverse engineerable with a simple debug run of the e2 binaries so see the necessary ioctl arguments) THEN you have an Open Source Solution - still using illegally optained certificates, but this is another story and hence they summary in my opinion is ... bad ....


But I'll not defend the people who produced the code, or stole the certifcates, but the situation now is as described.


Finally oscam also needs certificates and hashing algos which were ... borrowed ... and the possibility to pass keys to the STB drivers, hence I don't really see the difference this summary would suggest.

In Topic: Only import EPG for channels in Bouquets - change requested

23 June 2019 - 14:01

well, there was a reason why I used only split(":") and %s:%s ... in my code (not even a join), to preserve whatever garbage the code has to handle  :P

In Topic: Only import EPG for channels in Bouquets - change requested

22 June 2019 - 12:23

Erst wenn ALLE try:/except: bereinigt sind :P


Only after cleanup of ALL try:/except: :P