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small and little text on lcd after vuduo to vuduo4kse migration

5 November 2021 - 11:48

Im having issues with my front lcd display of my vusuo4kse after a migration from vuduo.

Installed openpli from usb stick and dis a restore of the config of vuduo backup from the hard disk that I moved too.


It just needed a bit of a tweaking afterwards to get it running the way I wanted it. 

However the front lcd display is still not ok. See attached picture.


Anyone has an idea if there is a config file somewhere in enigma2 that defines the resolution of the display that I can adapt for the vuduo4kse display?



lcd bug in openpli-8.1-release-vuduo4kse-20211031_usb.zip

4 November 2021 - 16:54


How do I report a bug in  openpli-8.1-release-vuduo4kse-2021103

In the folder /usr/share/enigma2/display/skin_default quite a few files are missing.

Looking at the vix distribution there should be quite a few files in the directory.


I am having issues with the LCD display, it only shows channel info and program time progress bar at top left in very small fonts.

I added the vix display skin in a separate folder (skin_vix). They show up in setup/system/gui settings/display skin. The skins (2) show up but do not show on the actual display.

Is there something missing in the vuduo4kse distribution that handles the display, putting info on it.

I have a been able to display the screen contents on the display, so lcd hardware is ok.


Are there more bits missing from the distribution related to the lcd screen?





packagegroup-machine-base for vuduo4kse

4 November 2021 - 16:08

When looking at available packages for vuduo4kse using opkg list and opkglist-installed I noticed that the package 'packagegroup-machine-base-vuduo4kSE' is available and not installed as part of the flash image.

​Is there a reason that thispackage is not installed, is it already part of the flash image? If not does it bring any useful additions when installing this package?





4 November 2021 - 02:18

I am having problems getting LCD4Linux to display the image on the buildin LCD screen.

Have reinstalled the plugin , made sure all config files were removed before re installing the plugin.

In /tmp a image to be displayed is present, /tmp/lcd4linux/dpf.png.

Not everything seems in the right place, but the display on the box only shows in very small font the channel name and program time bar in white, nothing else.

box vuduo4kse with latest stable openpli 8.1, re flashed today.


Looks like the image cannot be written to the display. Is there a lcd4config file entry specifying a driver entry for the lcd display to be used?




configuration migratie van vu+duo2 nacra vu+duo4k

8 October 2021 - 19:03

Is het mogelijk om een migratie van configuratie files van duo2 naar een duo4k te doen?

Ik neem aan dat alle 'kanaal' files in /etc/enigma2 zonder aanpassing overgezet kunnen worden.