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#1412166 RAI channel name problems

Posted by MCelliotG on 19 December 2021 - 23:07

It is a no brainer at this point that the fix is right in front of our eyes. And it's such a shame for everyone of us that it took 15 years for this known issue to be reported and investigated.
Indeed this seems to fix most naming issues on 13E, 16E and even on tps where not all channel names are displayed correctly ie 39E etc.

#1402618 New search option idea: Clear before scan (keep flags)

Posted by MCelliotG on 14 November 2021 - 22:29

Nowadays even more services in Enigma2 need to be flagged in order to work, such as T2-MI, BBC, non conventional dvb services etc. These are easy to make on any editor by assigning certain attributes using the c: parameter and the f:4 or f:5 flags on the lamedb. However when a user needs to make a full refresh on a satellite position, there is no option to keep these flagged services intact and perform a clear scan on all others. This used to work somehow with the keep feeds option, but not anymore. Is it possible to add this functionality in Enigma2 permanently by making E2 check for f: entries in the lamedb and ignore them before clearing all other before scanning? I think it would be very useful so users don't have to readd these manually again?

#1323563 softcam problem formuler f1 pli8.0 release

Posted by MCelliotG on 26 February 2021 - 07:05

The problem is that cccam does not clear the additional ecm.info files that are automatically generated when it runs in the /tmp folder, unless the box is completely rebooted.
So the panel still reads stuff from a previous cccam operation even if the softcam is changed!
That does not mean that the new selected softcam is not running, the info is just temporarily wrong!

#1168816 Glamour Aura FHD skin - first public release canditate (RC3)

Posted by MCelliotG on 24 February 2020 - 18:28

Hi, the skin runs parallel with WeatherMSN, meaning that if you update the plugin, the info in the skin should be updated also. Unless there are new parameters in the converter I'm missing. Anyway I'll try it when I find time to see if something changes!

#1167492 Glamour Aura FHD skin - first public release canditate (RC3)

Posted by MCelliotG on 21 February 2020 - 21:17

I updated the skin with a more modern rounded font, as I wanted from the start. I can send you by PM the old fonts and you can replace them, but bear in mind, they will change back after each skin update.

#1142585 Glamour Aura FHD skin - first public release canditate (RC3)

Posted by MCelliotG on 25 December 2019 - 02:14

What a nice christmas present! Thank you for this honor! :)


This is my Github!



The skin is maintained as much as time allows it (I'm a very busy person fortunately or not), but I make sure everything runs fine after testing. Notably, the OpenPLI compatible version works flawlessly on SatDreamGr images (PLI-based) provided it meets the minimal requirements (everything is in the disclaimer on my github, along with the GPL license).

Of course, everything about the skin can be discussed here, as usual!

#1142545 Glamour Aura FHD skin - first public release canditate (RC3)

Posted by MCelliotG on 25 December 2019 - 00:47

That's why I never use external/3rd party skins. Have done in the past. Always, without exception, resulting in GSOD bootloops. Always something wrong with them... I simply don't dare any more...

I'm sorry but this comment is mean and ignorant! The poster that notified me is kindly referring to the old posted ipk version of my skin as a standalone third party installer. This version is old and it's very natural that certain incompatibilities will arise in newer versions of OpenPLI when using this old version.

So, to clarify let me quote one of my older posts

the latest version is from the feeds as these are constantly updated automatically from my github. I have slowed down on making standalone versions as both satdreamgr and openatv have my skin on their feeds.
I will make a standalone version later this month.
So, download it from the feed and it will updated as soon as I update my github.

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Now, my skin is one of the very few that are included in the feeds of OpenATV and SatDreamGr (PLI based) exactly because it is constantly updated on my Github and I personally invest A LOT of my very limited free time to maintain it on both skinning and python coding in order to make it compeletely bugless, and on top of that it's a one man job, I have absolutely NO help (or asked for it to be fair).

Now, why it is not available as a third party skin on the OpenPLI feeds as well? That's because

a. we never discussed it with the OpenPLI team

b. I didn't ask them

c. they didn't ask me back

d. it may happen one day, but it's their decision and I respect that!


That does not mean that my work is problematic and falls into the category of badly coded or neglected skins. On the contrary, I receive many messages from a lot of people that use it that have no problem with it, especially since it's one of the few with a disclaimer and I have been very straightforward with the hardware limitations I decided to make it compatible with!


And that's all I have to say, I think I have every right to defend my work, especially when I put on so much effort and endless hours in the making!

#1141925 Glamour Aura FHD skin - first public release canditate (RC3)

Posted by MCelliotG on 23 December 2019 - 20:36

Thank you it was working on the RC but a new version is on the way regardless!

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#1020577 Glamour Aura FHD skin - first public release canditate (RC3)

Posted by MCelliotG on 22 February 2019 - 00:19

Glamour Aura FHD skin for OpenPLI/SDG based images version F.14 (update 21/2/2019)
- Major recode for better stability and speed
- New graphics lossless compression (smaller skin size)
- Improved several icons visibility
- Fixed several screens, including Blindscan
- Fixed startwizards
- Added more caids detection (i.e. 4B64-Samsung/TV Key)
- Added support for more plugins (like Dreamexplorer etc).

- New aura spinner

REMINDER: MSN weather plugin and bitrate plugin should be installed for weather info and bitrate

Install IPK from here (OpenPLI/SDG version F.14):

#986349 Glamour Aura FHD skin - first public release canditate (RC3)

Posted by MCelliotG on 23 December 2018 - 02:56

GLAMOUR AURA FHD skin v.F.04 (Finalized) for OpenPLI/SDG images update 22/12/2018

Glamour Aura FHD skin has entered its finalized stage, the new release is completely revamped with a multitude of changes.

- Reworked NextEvents, now only title will scroll when does not fit

- Added PrimeTime indication in channelselection

- Added support for T2MI, PLP ID display

- Reworked on infobar icons and rearrangements

- Added support for Color Curve (HDR, SDR etc) with icons on the infobar and on the mediaplayer
IMPORTANT NOTE: The icons will appear ONLY on receivers and images that support this feature

- Added more CPUs display on Second Infobar (they will appear if available)

- Added RusCrypt icon and more CA systems detection
- Added AudioSync screen

And countless small fixes and code optimizations

Download IPK here version F.04 update 22/12/2018:














#921227 Glamour Aura FHD skin - first public release canditate (RC3)

Posted by MCelliotG on 18 August 2018 - 19:41

Tomorrow new update with everything guys, including a new renderer for detecting sids in channelselection and a new way of reading HDD temp without popen! Font added, thanks for letting me know!

#911148 Glamour Aura FHD skin - first public release canditate (RC3)

Posted by MCelliotG on 25 July 2018 - 01:35

GLAMOUR AURA FHD for OpenPLI images version B.16 update 25/7/2018

- Added picon support for provider bouquets in ChannelSelection.
The naming of the picon is the same as snr picons. For instance a bouquet named AFN (9.0E) should have a picon named afn90e etc.


- Improved system speed and stability
- Added new timer icons

Download here:
For OpenPLI 6.2, develop and SatDreamGr images

For OpenPLI 6.1 and older images (version A.16)

#905743 Glamour Aura FHD skin - first public release canditate (RC3)

Posted by MCelliotG on 8 July 2018 - 02:06

GLAMOUR AURA FHD version B.11 update 8/7/2018

- Graphic rearrangements and cleanup
- Added fan speed info on the second infobar, moved HDD temp to Info and HDD menu
- Improved readability in main screens

- Added Foreca plugin support
- Several fixes and improvements

Download here:
OpenPLI 6.2 and SatDreamGr/develop images version B.11

OpenPLI 6.1 and older images version A.14

#902596 Glamour Aura FHD skin - first public release canditate (RC3)

Posted by MCelliotG on 26 June 2018 - 00:31

GLAMOUR AURA FHD vB.8 update 25/6/2018
- Fixed infinite scrolling in several screens
- Added dynamic auto scrolling
- Several cosmetics and screen fixes
Develop version vB.8 for OpenPLI 6.2
Stable version v.A.11 for OpenPLI 6.1 and older images

#897097 Glamour Aura FHD skin - first public release canditate (RC3)

Posted by MCelliotG on 11 June 2018 - 03:02

GLAMOUR AURA FHD for OpenPLI update 10/6/2018
- Major changes in coding, optimized for OpenPLI 6.2
- New button and switch pixmaps added
- New screens added
- All develop changes updated

Due to the huge changes between OpenPLI 6.2 and 6.1, GlamourAuraFHD now supports two versions
The develop version for OpenPLI 6.2/develop and SatDreamGr images
Version B.5


The older OpenPLI 6.1 version for older OpenPLI images with old button style
Version A.9


also two new branches were added on the github page of the skin, the develop and openpli-6.1 branch. All develop changes will be pushed to the respective branch first.


Make sure to install the correct version depending on the image version you are using.