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In Topic:Open PLI 3.0 Hard Drive Problem

17 oktober 2013 - 22:29

Actually the drive I am having problems is already has an external power supply, it is a Seagate. So I don't think the problem is power from the USB.


Perhaps I should try a USB pen drive to test?


Also there is an option converting ext3 to ext4.... should I do this?





In Topic:Open PLI 3.0 Hard Drive Problem

16 oktober 2013 - 14:32

I have read the forum rules and see that cloned boxes are not supported here.


May I ask a related question, is there a plugin I can use to attempt the disk initialisation? Like I said I am sure there an option, perhaps via one of the buttons (blue) on the image that was shipped with the box which isn't there now since I updated the image.


Thank you in advance.



In Topic:Open PLI 3.0 Hard Drive Problem

16 oktober 2013 - 13:40

Apologies, I was not aware that 'clone' boxes were not supported. I presume my box is a clone due to the lower cost, is there a definitive way to confirm?


Thank you.



In Topic:Installing the OnDemand plugin (BBC/ITV/C4)

20 augustus 2013 - 00:24

Thank you for for the information in this thred, I am running Open PLI 3.0 and when I tried to play BBC Iplayers streams I just got a black screen.


I tried installing all dependencies and required plugins but just couldn't get it to wrok. The solution is not immediately obviousm but you need to copy the files found in post #143 - the py and pyo files into the following location:




Overwite the existing filesm or empty the dir then upload - this worked for me.


Good luckm don't give up!