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UPNP Client for DM600?

12 November 2011 - 17:01

Just wondering if there's a UPNP client for the DM600. I found the ushare and djmount options which allow the DM600 to act as a UPNP server but I didn't see anything for the DM600 to act as a UPNP client to stream from another UPNP server. Thank you very much for any information.

OPenPLI DM600 Images missing?

6 August 2011 - 15:42

Trying to download the latest OpenPLI DM600 image and there appears to be nothing in the database. Just wondering if this is an issue with the server or a permanent decision. Thank You.

Dreamdvd and Subtitles

26 December 2010 - 23:54

I've been using dreamdvd with my DM600 for quite awhile and find it works very well. However, I haven't been able to figure out how to get subtitles on and off when watching a dvd with builtin subs. Does anyone know if there's a key we need to hit or combination of keys to turn subs on and off when using dreamdvd with a dm600. Thank You very much