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impossible to read the official CANAL+/CANALSAT Smartcard

25 August 2013 - 16:59

Good evening everyone
I am the owner of a DM800 HD PVR, I installed the latest version of OpenPli a couple of months ago, and configured the latest version of cccam with a CLINE a local "provider" gave me.
It worked like a charm for months but stopped 3 days ago. I called my cline provider who said the bouquet provider "Canal +" has changed his encryption methods.

I decided to purchase the official "CANAL + BOX" with the original smartcard
I installed their box and everything worked but I hate their box I really miss the dreambox (picture 4)

I tried to put the official smartcard in the dreambox but the screen stays black (I also tried flipping it but did not work)

I found on the dreambox the following CCcam information client:
card reader /dev/sci0
handeled 0(0) ecms and 0(0) emms

SECA card xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx rev Q03 enttlements:
01e0 ADMIN : 2014-01-22
3420 CANAL SAT..............(picture 1)
On the smardcard I could read "NAGRA KUDELSKI" (picture 3) I did some research and found out it is a company that sells encryption methods, and from what I understood, OSCAM is supposed to emulate this kind of encryption (version 1.20)

I removed CCcam and tried to install OSCAM 1.20 from the plugin menu but had an error
I decided to follow OSCAM's Wiki and installed it manually
I also followed OpenPli how to to configure OSCAM

But the screen is still black
I don't know what else to do, how can I monitor what's happening in the dreambox and why it is not working?
Am I thinking wrong?
Thank you for reading and hope someone can help me
Best Reguards