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27 May 2022 - 15:16

Yes, I did take an autobackup of the first OpenPLI_8.2 Image which I had installed but I did not autorestore. I will delete everything and give it another try. Thanks.

In Topic: Backup-suite

27 May 2022 - 10:36


@WanWizard....I have today re-installed OpenPLI_8.2 on Octagon sf8008 (downloaded from this Forum) and took the attached 3 screenshots via OpenWebIf. Kindly note that the BackupSuite plugin does not appear under Downloadable Plugins but under Remove Plugins and it is not already installed in the Plugin Browser. What could be the reason for this please? Thanks very much for your help.

In Topic: Backup-suite

23 May 2022 - 14:27

Thank you very much. Now I have found and installed it successfully.
The reason why I couldn't see it was that it appeared under Remove Plugins - Menu>Plugins>Red Button. 
Pressed Ok and only then did it appear under Downloads.
Installed it as usual and have already taken a full image backup satisfactorily. 
Otherwise, whatever else I tried worked fine including CIFS mount.
Thanks once again.

In Topic: Backup-suite

23 May 2022 - 13:58

Thanks for your prompt reply. Looked again amongst installed plugins and download feeds but still couldn't locate it unfortunately.

In Topic: Flashing octagon sf8008 from the command line

29 January 2022 - 19:27


Hi satfoot,


If you format the right partition, the image is deleted.


mkfs.ext4 /dev/<devive partition>
If you want to delete the image from Multiboot slot 5, format the second partition:
mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda2


Thank you very much for your reply. If I need to delete an image not from the sdcard but for example from slot 4, is it also possible by telnet? Thks. again.