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#1411186 vuplus: gles demo

Geplaatst door serdeliuk aan 17 december 2021 - 13:28

Here we go https://github.com/s...MS-OpenSupaplex 


The binary package release contain all required packages to run Supaplex, tested on Vu+ Solo4K with OpenPli 8.1 release.

The OpenPli 8.1 release version does not provide a SDL2 version compiled with DirectFB, but the develop does, that is a bug in the env that compile the release version?

#1409590 vuplus: gles demo

Geplaatst door serdeliuk aan 13 december 2021 - 06:31

 It's running, and the RC seems to be pretty usable

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#1200634 Help to compile to enigma boxes

Geplaatst door serdeliuk aan 8 mei 2020 - 13:53

Yes, please, it'd help a lot.


Hello, i have created a github repo for you to download  https://github.com/serdeliuk/sdltest


This repo contain a bitbake recipe and some .c files used by me to create a ipk package during my SDL2 testes

To build the recipe as is you need to clone the repo in an existing meta from your openembedded tree and run 

bitbake sdltest 

You should be able to modify the recipe and add your own files link your own libraries and so on, should be a good point to start

If you have any issues just let me know.

#1200066 Help to compile to enigma boxes

Geplaatst door serdeliuk aan 7 mei 2020 - 17:00

You're welcome, i was looking into how to directly cross compile a .c file with existing tools without requirement of a .bb recipe but is prety complicated as the bitbake tools create a whole environment for this.

So you will need a recipe, if you do not know to build a starting one i can create one for you just to have you started as an example.

#1199774 Create your own repo feed for your own builds

Geplaatst door serdeliuk aan 7 mei 2020 - 06:54

I will not cover here how to create your own build environment for OpenPli as there exists a lot of info on that matter.
So, if you already have a working environment you can follow those steps to create your own repo to install and test your packages on your own machine with opkg install command directly from your build environment.
You will need to install apache on your Ubuntu which is done with following command
sudo apt install apache2
The you will need to start the service with
sudo systemctl start apache2
If you want to have apache started at boot time you will need to run
sudo systemctl enable apache2
Then you will need to find where on your build environment are packages generated, in my case for Vu+ Solo4K are in .....build/tmp/deploy/ipk
Here are 3 folders
You will need to create symlinks (shortcuts) for each folder in /var/www/html , so, go to your ipk folder then create symlinks for each folder as following example
First, find the power directory (actual full path)
The pwd command will display entire path, in my case is 
Use the full path (your own) for all folders to be added to apache webroot creating symlinks as following
ln -s /home/marc/Documents/VUPLUS/openpli-oe-core-7.2/build/tmp/deploy/ipk/all/ /var/www/html/
ln -s /home/marc/Documents/VUPLUS/openpli-oe-core-7.2/build/tmp/deploy/ipk/armv7ahf-neon/ /var/www/html/
ln -s /home/marc/Documents/VUPLUS/openpli-oe-core-7.2/build/tmp/deploy/ipk/vusolo4k/ /var/www/html/
You should be able to access the new repo over the web at http://localhost/all for example
Because the URL does not contain any index files will throw a 404 error, but is fine as long as do not throw other errors, most common could be related to followsymilnk apache configuration which can be by default disabled, then you need to enable that in apache conf and restart apache
Now all is set, you will need to use opkg-utils to create repos for this clone the tools on your machine
git clone git://git.yoctoproject.org/opkg-utils
sudo make install
Then you will need to create packages lists for each folder with ipk files as following
cd /home/marc/Documents/VUPLUS/openpli-oe-core-7.2/build/tmp/deploy/ipk/all/
opkg-make-index . > Packages
gzip -f Packages
Do above 3 steps for each folder which contains ipk files.
Then you need to add on your machine/stb your new repos to /etc/opkg config folder to allow opkg to install from your own repo
First of all backup the original /etc/opkg in a separate folder then create a new one with all config files, one per above folders
touch ms-all-feed.conf
which contain the URL based on your computer's ip address as the following line
src/gz openpli-all
And a feed file for armv7ahf-neon as ms-armv7ahf-neon.conf
src/gz openpli-all
and the last one ms-vusolo4k.conf
src/gz openpli-all
After that, you have your feed configurations ready to be used update the opkg database with following command on your machine
opkg update
Then you can start install packages from your own repo
You can swap between your repo and original image's repo by swap the /etc/opkg folder and issuing an opkg update command, for example if your newly created ipk needs to test auto install dependencies at some point to see what packages can be installed from original feed and which ones should be provided because does not exists there.
Do not forget
- rebuild packages each time you add a new ipk or rebuild a package
- do an opkg update after each package update/rebuild in the feed
- you can swap your opkg folder with the original folder provided by the image, if you forgot to do a backup download your image again and extract the folder from the image

#1199766 Help to compile to enigma boxes

Geplaatst door serdeliuk aan 6 mei 2020 - 23:11

As an alternative you can create your build env on Ubuntu for example then build the `packagegroup-core-buildessential` and install the packagegourp on your machine, then you will be able  to use the machine as any other linux with gcc, cpp make, autools, etc.

Because the packagegroup-core-buildessential install a lot of stuff you will want to install apache on that Ubuntu and create your own feed/repo to do an easy install.

#1198722 ZX80 Spectrum Emulator

Geplaatst door serdeliuk aan 5 mei 2020 - 09:57



Just to let you know that i have finalized the port of Fuse emulator and can be downloaded from here https://github.com/serdeliuk/MS-ZX80 in binary version or bitbake recipes with all required patches to be built.






#1186248 OpenPLi 7.2-release available

Geplaatst door serdeliuk aan 7 april 2020 - 20:16

I think nobody expected that whole world will stay indoor and it seems that only one API keys is not enough

#1186244 OpenPLi 7.2-release available

Geplaatst door serdeliuk aan 7 april 2020 - 20:14

@dudule22 you may want to look at this post https://forums.openp...dpost&p=1176400

It is regards the google API key used in youtube plugin

#1037641 DAB+ with RTL-SDR stick

Geplaatst door serdeliuk aan 31 maart 2019 - 19:43

Hahaha, i didn't noticed :)))

#1037577 DAB+ with RTL-SDR stick

Geplaatst door serdeliuk aan 31 maart 2019 - 17:46

Hello Matrix10,


The RTL stands for RTL CHIPSET, which can be RTL2832U or R820T both built by Rafael Micro.


The SDR term stands for "Software Defined Radio" which mean that the demodulation is done by software instead of hardware.


The RTL chip which support SDR has a bug discovered by a hardware hacker which allow to capture the raw I/Q data signal from RF receiver before reach the hardware demodulator. Because of this the "unmodified" drivers does not work for SDR, only the special crafted ones can be used, and because it is a software demodulation will load the CPU in some circumstances.


Hope that this explain some of the RTL-SDR devices. I think there is a wiki somewhere with more detailed infos.


Best regards,




#1035529 DAB+ with RTL-SDR stick

Geplaatst door serdeliuk aan 25 maart 2019 - 15:16

Thanks Pr2,


I have built @ATHOIK's SDGRadio and created an archive with all required ipk files to run the radio, didn't had time to test the radio, but i suppose should work.

I have uploaded the archive here http://ms.serdit.ro/sdgradio.tar.gz for those who wants to give a try. All ipk are built under OpenPLi 6.2 env.


Best regards,




#1035141 DAB+ with RTL-SDR stick

Geplaatst door serdeliuk aan 24 maart 2019 - 21:15

Hi Beanie, if you ask about RTL-SDR plugin i started it is in early stage but works, mostly by hand, it has all required RTL-SDR libraries and work from cli, my GUI is not ready yet but if you want you can download a zip with my last work "which is very old" unfortunately. About any others RTL-SDR plugins i do not know if it is any available.

Hopefully i will have time to finalise the plugin someday.


Here you can find some infos about the library http://ms.serdit.ro

#599725 DAB+ with RTL-SDR stick

Geplaatst door serdeliuk aan 11 oktober 2016 - 08:31



Thanks for your interest, unfortunately i didn't worked much on this project due to missing time :(

My FM-Radio interface is almost done it is installed as a plugin, it's open when red button is pressed and close on same button, numbers buttons are used as presets/memory also, during startup "red presses" do a code reload without require E2 restart for easy development, but does not have yet implemented auto-scan, RDS, power meter, etc.


Here is a screenshot, click to view the large size..



I will pack all files and provide a link for download, but not sure when i will have time, my solo4k and all files are currently in other town.

I will update here when the package will be available.


Best regards,