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In Topic:Dreambox - Movielist.py?

10 december 2020 - 12:57


Sure, I could do that, but will it be used? If OpenPLI does not support/create new images for Dreambox any longer, I would assume it's a bit late for a new translation?


But looking through the nn.po file it's a small thing to correct the error I've just described:


Line 5715 is a translation for "Move" and it should have been "Flytt" or "Flytte" ("to move" = "å flytte"), not "Kjøre"

I believe "Flytt" would be the correct translation, as this probably refers to "Move file" which would be "Flytt fil" in norwegian


There are also a few other lines with directions, ie. "Move east", or west / north / south, which could be correct, but I would say that is dependent on the context, as "Kjør" means "run", but could also mean "drive", so if your moving a car east, "Kjør øst" would be correct, but if you're moving a cursor east, I would rather use "Flytt østover", than "Kjør østover"


In Topic:Dreambox - Movielist.py?

29 november 2020 - 15:00

Ha, ha!  And thank you, you just solved my problem...
This is what I get up when pressing the Menu button:


...for some reason I cannot post images here, but what it says is this:

8 Slett

6 Kjør

2 Gi nytt navn

5 Kopier

This is in Norwegian, and translated it means "8 Delete, 6 Run, 2 Rename, 5 Copy". Now, what I realized was that the Move command hadn't been replaced with Copy after all, as you can see, but with Run, which seems rather stupid, as the Run command is activated pressing OK. I then checked my other version, which is running on my old DB8000, I really thought this to be an original version, but the menu was still the same, so apparently not. I then realized that the error here might just be in translation, which happened to be right! So when I choose "Kjør" (meaning "Run") I can move the video files again as I used to... Stupid, but true... So thank you!

In Topic:Dreambox - Movielist.py?

23 november 2020 - 18:32

Well, I can't unfortunately choose the Move command any longer and haven't been able to for quite som time now. My current image might be a clone, but my previous I'm quite sure wasn't . On that drambox I was running OpenPLI 7.2 release from 2019-12-07, enigma version 2019-12-06 (7.2 release), and as far as I can remember, this was downloaded from openpli.org, but still without the Move option available. But anyhow. If one of you happens to have a MovieList.py/pyc available with the Move-option still present, I would be grateful for a copy, as I still haven't been able to locate the correct code to alter it yet…

In Topic:Dreambox - Movielist.py?

22 november 2020 - 11:49

No, it has nothing to do with "not agreeing with", it has to do with "no support from DMM anymore".  We won't create images we can not properly support, and for that we require access to and support from driver developers.


As to python source, we split those off since virtually nobody needs them, and it keeps the image smaller. Any ipk package containing python also has a "-src" package ( for example "enigma2-src" ) that contains the source code.


Also, all our source can be found online: https://github.com/openpli/


Ok, my bad... But thanks for the reply anyway. Guess I'll be looking around in there to try to find the right code to change from "Copy" to "Move", which was the main point in this context for my part. :)



only dreambox core is closed source, not the python code



Great! This seems to be what I was looking for, all though the "Copy file" command must have been coded somewhere else? But I guess I should be able to locate it now that I've got it all available! (And hopefully this can be done without the pulling out drivers and reverse engineering parts, which I'm afraid is a bit too complex for me... :) )