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EPG not showing with HTTPs streams

26 October 2019 - 11:05



I have noticed EPG is not showing for HTTPs URLs in bouquets and infobar in OpenPli 7.1, while it does show in infobar in OpenPli 6.2 but still not in bouquets.

HTTP (without "s") EPG is correctly shown in both bouquets and infobar.


EPG not working:

SERVICE 1:0:1:BBB:CCC:FFFF:820000:0:0:0:https%3A//server.com%3A5555

EPG working:

SERVICE 1:0:1:BBB:CCC:FFFF:820000:0:0:0:http%3A//server.com%3A5555

I bet is just a micro-bug in OpenPli :P

Mp4 not playing but mpegts does

1 July 2019 - 13:27

Hi all,


I have read some dated posts on this forum about Mp4 not playing on OpenPli. Some mod of the forum stated that STB uses hardware to decode streams which is choosy about codec types and encoding parameters, while applications on PC can decode every type of rubbish codecs since they use software decoders.


Ok, but… I have done a little experiment. I have recorded a couple of minutes of an mpegts stream which plays nicely on OpenPli. I have then encapsulated the ts recording within an mp4 container with the simplest ffmpeg command possible:

ffmpeg -i input_video.ts -map 0 -c copy output_video.mp4

From my understanding the codecs and compression levels are identical on both .ts and .mp4 files. While the generated .mp4 file plays OK with VLC and MAG devices, it does not on OpenPli.


This is the log of enigma2 which shows the stream is being played, but it's not. The screen is blank:


playing 4097:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3a//
[eServiceMP3] construct!
[eServiceMP3] playbin uri=
[eServiceMP3] starting pipeline
[eServiceMP3] state transition NULL -> READY
[eServiceMP3] state transition READY -> PAUSED
resolved to PLAY
[eServiceMP3] trickSeek no need to unpause!
[eServiceMP3] loading cuesheet
[eServiceMP3] cutfile not found!
[eServiceMP3] async-done - 1 video, 1 audio, 0 subtitle
[eServiceMP3] AUDIO STRUCT=audio/mpeg
[eServiceMP3] audio stream=0 codec=MPEG-4 AAC audio language=und
[eServiceMP3] state transition PAUSED -> PLAYING



My question is, what are the exact encoding parameters needed to successfully play mp4 files on OpenPli?


Thank you

"print" statement inside Enigma2 plugins

20 February 2019 - 08:22

I've seen a lot of print statements in various Enigma2 plugins and I wonder where the print output is printed since Enigma2 plugins are executed inside Enigma2 and not inside the console. I have tried to check the dmesg output but it seems dmesg doesn't capture python print outputs.

def function(self):        
           x = y 
        except Exception as ex:
           print ex
           print 'ERROR'

Where does print ex print?

Setting custom EPG event in infobar

17 February 2019 - 18:34

Hello all!


This snippet works beautifully when changing the current played service and service name

self.reference = eServiceReference(4097, 0, str(vod_url))

But how could one set a custom short description in the infobar and a long description in info or second infobar? I looked in every piece of code I could look but to no avail.


Thank you!

urllib2.urlopen and signal.alert

30 January 2019 - 17:09

I'd like to end prematurely a call to urllib2.urlopen() if DNS resolution fails. Calling urllib2.urlopen(url, timeout) timeouts only if the network is up. If network is down it waits for 30 seconds because it can't resolve url. If you use IP instead of DNS, timeout value is being respected.



signal.signal(signal.SIGALRM, timeout_handler)
urllib2.urlopen(url, 2)

does't work. If url is a FQDN then it stucks for 30 seconds on urllib2.urlopen.