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Weird MGCAMD behaviour

12 juli 2014 - 14:57



I am new to OpenPli and my box (VU+ SOLO2) but I have previously used a DM800 HD PvR and Peter Pan image with MGCAMD.

I am also a bit of a linux newbie but can figure out the couple of things that I need to use for this and that - as long as I find a guide :)


The problem I have is the following (I have tried to install mgcamd via auto install in the menu and also manually via .ipk but all versions and methods display same behaviour):

I have mgcamd running fine where it connects to server and I get the keys fine, not any serious errors output via telnet.

I can change the channel for up to a handful of stations on my favorite bouquet but then all of a sudden the next channel is "blank" (black) - telnet still looks fine. Any channel changes that comes after will be "blank". 

If I restart mgcamd on either of the "blank" channels it will start working fine for 1 to a handful of channel changes again and the same behaviour as explained above.


Any suggestions/Ideas or anything?