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#322249 OpenPLi for Vu+ Solo2

Posted by MachIII on 22 December 2012 - 19:00

Sources for VU+ Solo2 are public. They don't need to deliver anything (at least from their point of view), they have their own developemnt tree, public. The problem is that their enigma2 code (called dvbapp) is much different than OpenPLI. So someone has to adapt the code to the OpenPLI tree. Core devs think this should be done by VU+. It seems VU+ has chosen their image of preference (Blackhole) since they also send pre-production boxes to BH team. Another problem is that usually VU+ makes "hacks" in their dvbapp code, hacks that would break other boxes if implemented globally. Instead of fixing things in their drivers, they hack the enigma2 source. So this is another issue that needs to be fixed.

Having a pre-release box myself to review it for a greek satellite tv magazine, I must say this is a very good box. Drivers are also OK, no major issues. So the biggest problem I think is the "hacks" they use in dvbapp.

People should ask VU+ to support OpenPLI, not the other way around. Or, if someone really wants it, he can fork an OpenPLI code and support VU+ Solo2. All sources are public and GPL, so go ahead.

I will mail Vu+ and ask for continuous OpenPLI support, hope many other OpenPLI fan will do the same... :)