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In Topic: Reinstall from 4.x to 6.2 - "flashes" on screen

17 December 2018 - 19:16

Yes, thank you for your opinion. If I will not remove the issue I will return back and start to solve HW again........ BTW A/V settings in VU+ I kept 1080p, put directly 50Hz (before auto) - still problem. Then next suitable item for editing is "HDMI color spaces" (my translation from local language) and re-set from auto to YCbCr420 - still problem. Re-set to YCbCr422 an it seems to be OK now - more than week....

In Topic: Reinstall from 4.x to 6.2 - "flashes" on screen

13 December 2018 - 19:21

Maybe I can check the tuner. I understand that there are no no more known people reporting the issue. But one strong reason to exclude HW failure of the VU+ box itself is, that I run it for 2 yrs without any problem, then after clean install OpenPLI 6.2 I started to got this problem. And the only  hw change was, that I touched VU+ box to connect/unconnect flash disk.


I need more time to understand what it is, then I can post more......... meantime maybe somebody else will got the problem.......... and if I will not solve it it still to be possible tu set 720p only which is degradation but for 42" it is not crucial I suppose.....

In Topic: Reinstall from 4.x to 6.2 - "flashes" on screen

12 December 2018 - 18:14

Yes sure. Diferrent cables, diferrent TV sets, diferrent source of signal (Xbox One). I tested tens of HW combinations in excluding way and my final conclusion is that there is sometning vrong with SOLO4K SW or its settings, but I still do not know why. As far as I can say when I change settings to 720p problem disappears.

Big problem is, that I need long time for testing - the problem is not regular. Imagine that for 2 days is everything ok and then suddenly I can get the trouble, sometimes many times per minute. But when I cange something, typically switch off/on receiver, SOLO4K or TV set or just reconnect any HDMI the trouble dissapears immediately. Very strange, but after big testing I am convinced that there is something no good in that OpenPLI version. just now I keep 1080p and playing with another settings, like frequency 50/60Hz (excluded), HDMI color etc. I will see and then report. 

In Topic: Timeshift recording functionality

30 December 2017 - 13:35

MIHU: "Another problem is that sometimes the frame doesn't get updated when 'jumping' until you un-pause the playback - this makes browsing the recording very uncomfortable. Perhaps this is driver related; if so my unit is vu uno."


I have VU+ SOLO4K and I have to say it is far away my biggest annoying bug. Can anyone confirm what kind of problem it is? I thought it is problem of OpenPLI driver, but several months ago I tried VTI and OpenATV and I got the same problem....... now I tested OpenPLI 6.0 and 6.1RC and problem is not fixed............. does anyone know 100% the reason?