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In Topic: [Finland] Changes

1 March 2021 - 16:14

I sse:  That is a real problem.

I took me some time to fix it.

It looks like I cracked it, but you never know if unexpected errors crop up.


pls. check tomorrow if you see something strange.

Nice work working :)


Eurosport 2 HD changed the frequency thor 0.8W empty epg

1:0:19:1C6D:30:46:E080000:0:0:0    Eurosport 2 HD (S/F)


does not exist anymore can delete

    <display-name lang="fi">Ruutu+ Dokkarit</display-name>
    <display-name lang="fi">Ruutu+ Lapset</display-name>
    <display-name lang="fi">Ruutu+ Leffat ja Sarjat</display-name>
    <display-name lang="fi">Ruutu+ Urheilu 1</display-name>
    <display-name lang="fi">Ruutu+ Urheilu 2</display-name>
    <display-name lang="fi">MTV Suomi</display-name>
    <display-name lang="fi">MTV Fakta</display-name>
    <display-name lang="fi">Disney XD</display-name>
    <display-name lang="fi">Discovery World</display-name>

In Topic: [Finland] Changes

17 February 2021 - 12:39

Hello Willy,

The problem is  in all  Problems on Finnish for channels EPG thor 0.8w (canal digital channel) Epg shows the program information for Live only, If the program comes live.

the program comes again (repeat not live) the program information correctly,


i put a picture so you understand what i mean: Eurosport 1 HD (F)