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In Topic: Problemen met MKV'S

22 November 2012 - 18:55

We zijn hard bezig met een oplossing. We hopen dat een upgrade naar gstreamer 1.0.2 de meeste problemen op zal lossen.

Gstreamer 1.0.3 (bugfix) was released yesterday. May I suggest that you put your efforts towards getting 1.0.3 compiled for OpenPli 3?

In Topic: Crash after unattended upgrade

30 October 2012 - 20:02

After reflashing the box from a USB stick with the latest version (Oct 30) it works again.

In Topic: New drivers for VU+

7 July 2012 - 14:58

Someone please post here when it becomes available in the 2.1 feed.

In Topic: XBMC, stale streams, and zapping

28 April 2012 - 10:15

Apparently this issue was related to airplayer. Once I removed the plugin, putting the receiver in standby will release control to XBMC. Now it works perfectly!

In Topic: Air Player don't work on ET9000 with open pli?

15 April 2012 - 08:16

But does it only work with youtube?
I cant get it to work with airvideo or other simulare apps.

Airplayer only implements the unencrypted parts of the streaming protocol, which means it does not support audio or mirroring, as stated by the authors. However, James Laird extracted the private key of an Airport Express, which could be used in Airplayer as well to enable at least audio. Let's hope they do this.

Here's the code for Shairport, with the private key and decryption enabled: https://github.com/albertz/shairport