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Infrared extender - using the xtrend in the loft - op zolder gebruiken

1 February 2018 - 18:35

Hi there,

Excuse as I'm not sure if I should ask the question in Dutch or English - here it goes anyway as in Holland they all speak English :)


OK - here is my question.

I want my TV just on the wall on its own - no satellite receiver - just the TV.

Not a problem - I drill a hole behind the TV - and all the cables go through that hole into the loft. (Op de zolder)

I now want to remotely control the Xtrend 9000 that I now have in the loft - with a HDMI cable.


I have purchased the following:       https://www.ebay.co....872.m2749.l2649

So I now have Package Includes: 1 x IR Receiver Cable (IR-RX) 1 x IR Emitter Cable (IR-TX) 2 x HDMI Male to Female IR Adapter

All good so far - and I'm now testing the unit - and I'm halfway there.

The IR-RX is on the TV and works perfect - it picks up my signal perfectly - I can see a green led everytime I press on my Xtrend remote.

However, the IR-TX that I place on the Xtrend is the problem.

I'm not sure where to place it on the front of the Xtrend 9000 - as I'm not sure where the infrared receiver is??

So I moved it around and it sometimes works - and sometimes it does not. - Not reliable at all.

I think that when I know where the infrared receiver on the Xtrend is situated - I will have a better change of placing the IR-TX at the correct place for it to work all the time 100%.

I do not want to put the receiver in the loft if I cannot rely 100% on the channels changing when I press the remote.


So - can anyone please help me and show me where the best place is to put the IR-TX on the Xtrend?


Also - if anyone knows of a better way to do this - then please also let me know - there may already be someone who has done this and where it is working?????


Many thanks.

XP1000 no longer booting after software update ?!

8 May 2017 - 10:40

Hi there,

I have a XP1000 and did an ONLINE update - since then it will no longer boot - it is stuck at the initial xp1000 blue startup page.


So what have I done so far:


I downloaded the xp1000 image file from Openpli web - and extracted the XP1000 folder to a FAT32 formatted USB drive.

Checked the folder and all the files are in the folder on the USB.

Physically switched off the XP1000 and put the USB in the only USB slot at the back and then held the CH- button and switched the unit back on and then released the button again.


No matter what variation I use - nothing changes - I've changed to another USB in case it did not accept this one.

I've used the CH+ button - and all the other buttons and still it is stuck at the startup page.


So hence this posting now - I think I've tried the lot - what could be wrong?

I regret now having used the 'software update' in the Openpli menu settings.


HELP - thanks