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In Topic: Problems with network mounts

20 October 2021 - 03:09

Me too! Thank you for your help though.

In Topic: Problems with network mounts

19 October 2021 - 07:48

Haven't gone through every parameter, but both are using the same rsize & wsize. Both default to 64k, but have tried as low as 4k. Reducing r/w size speeds up response time (from 8.1), but the behaviour is still the same.

In Topic: Problems with network mounts

18 October 2021 - 03:47

The recordings are complete, with all meta files, .ts .eit .ap .cuts .meta .sc but I don't think they are able to be read correctly.  Just viewing the movie list takes up to 20 seconds per movie to appear on the screen (several minutes to show 20 or so movies in the movie folder), and sometimes movies will have no date etc. like the meta files aren't read. I think this is just another symptom of the underlying problem of not being able to read the share properly.


Downgrading the server box to OP 7.3 but retaining the same HDD with the same movie recordings resolves the problem instantly, or with the USB HDD, plugging it into the Solo2 (OP 7.3) and it works fine. I am satisfied the recordings are not at fault.


Interestingly if I mount an OP 8.1 samba share in Mac OS X, it works flawlessly. Looking at smb status, the only difference I see is OS X connects at SMB v3.11 whereas the E2 CIFS client connects at SMB v2.10. I can't force a higher SMB version from OpenPLi. Is 2.10 the highest the CIFS client accepts?

In Topic: Problems with network mounts

17 October 2021 - 02:36

Running ifconfig on both client and server devices. No errors on any device.


On bother server devices (Solo2 OP 7.3 & H9 OP 8.1) TX traffic increasing at about the same bitrate of recording that is being played. Client (Zero OP 7.3) shows RX traffic increasing at expected rate.


However, when a recording will not play from the OP 8.1 mount, traffic spikes to around 8MB/s (send from the server and received on the client). If you exit from trying to play, return to the movie list, and play the same movie again, it will work the second time around. I cannot confirm, but suspect it is trying to read in the entire .ts file the first time around which is causing the traffic spike. On the second attempt at the same file, it plays normally.

In Topic: Problems with network mounts

16 October 2021 - 07:20

Thanks WanWizard. If I get a recording to play, then the bandwidth looks normal, but if it won't play, or it won't browse the movie folder properly, then the bandwidth spikes right up.