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Zgemma H9S and Aspect Ratio

30 October 2018 - 12:50



I've posted the same question on OpenATV forum because same bug on their image, switched on OpenPli (any release ) on Zgemma H9S the long press on green button show the aspect ratio selection menu but no matter the choice it has no effect (Live TV or EMC), the same with the dedicated remote control command.

I have a big library on my NAS and on many mkv's videos i'd like to switch on different aspect ratio and on some live tv channels.

Tried any system plugins on feed (aspectratioswitch) with no success, no effect.

Here's the output from cat /proc/stb/video/policy_choices command

root@zgemmah9s:~# cat /proc/stb/video/policy_choices
auto bestfit letterbox panscan full

Any suggestion on what's going wrong ?