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In Topic: Zgemma start h9.2h video scaling problem

21 January 2019 - 15:29


In OE-A images you can remove it.
However, it's not down to that.
It's the structure and who does what...
There is a part that is strictly down to HiSilicone, which is closed and not open to adding stuff. The general structure and HW level codecs support is down to HiSilicone, I presume.
The scond part is the one that Zgemma developers do. Drivers and kernel, I suppose, are down to both of them but I don't know how much is down to each side...
Our community could fix many problems (streaming and playback, i.e. containers and codecs, verification issues on various sites etc.) if the structure was open to the Open Source community - but it isn't.
And they keep pointing a finger at each other, instead of owning up, changing it all accordingly and having a success story...

Even if I'm a supporter of open source and free software, in this case I do not think that the problem is related to closed source driver.
I tried with other image (openATV 6.2 that provides gstreamer 1.15.0) and all works well. So I think that openPLi need to provide new gstreamer v1.16.x (stable branch) and all problems will be solved.

In Topic: Zgemma start h9.2h video scaling problem

20 January 2019 - 18:06

I tried to remove HiSilicon Service, but it did not work. I'm quite sure that the problem depends on gstreamer. So, I installed gstreamer v1.14.2 from repository and the IPTV streams still do not work as expected. We have to wait for gstreamer v1.16.x.

In Topic: Zgemma start h9.2h video scaling problem

19 January 2019 - 15:28


We don't do dev versions,so that depends on when 1.16 is released.
Also, we are not in the xmas-tree business, we don't pre-install anything that isn't required, it only makes the image bloated and less stable. 99.999% of users don't need OpenVPN and miniDLNA.

Ok thank, 1.16 will be released on January/February 2019.

In Topic: Zgemma start h9.2h video scaling problem

18 January 2019 - 21:36

I tried latest openATV 6.2 image that comes with kernel v.4.4.35 and gstreamer v1.15.0 (dev version, next stable v1.16.x https://gstreamer.fr.../releases/1.16/) and all IPTV streams work well.
Moreover, I found also some interesting features as miniDLNA server and openVPN client preinstalled.
Unfortunately, I do not have enough knowledge of openPLi and free time in order to port gstreamer to it. Is there any expected release 7.x to see the new version of gstreamer?
Thank you

In Topic: Zgemma start h9.2h video scaling problem

18 January 2019 - 14:46


Recommending a specific alternative branding is like pointing to Volkswagen by the Opel dealer. ;) I guess it would be arrogant if I would say ‘pointing to BMW by the Mercedes dealer’. :)
I guess you are aware what images support the H9 so you can make your own choice. ;)

Of course, but I'm interested on understanding if other images have different drivers or have different gstreamer version that works. So I can report the results here and maybe you can solve the problem.


No real recommendations from me. Users are different and some like this image and others say same image is very bad.
ATV uses in normal cases latest drivers. So you could flash ATV and test it to see whether it’s a driver issue.


I will try it. Thank you