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Unable to switch channels while recording on a VU+SOLO2

13 July 2019 - 16:28



I have a VU+SOLO2 with 2 sat tuners. and running on OPENPLi 7.1


when I have set a timer to record on channel X and am watching Channel Y, when the recording begins I cannot switch channels anymore. I can, but the screen stays black.

When I stop or remove the timer, I can switch channels again. (The same when I recording and watching Channel X).


Any suggestions if this has something to do with the settings?

Tuners are both set to "auto"

(I had the same problem when on OPENPLi 4.x) before.

The "satman" told me to upgrade to OPENPLi 7.1 and told me the problem would have been solved????? So..... No