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In Topic: openvpn plugin

8 November 2019 - 20:05

I think, I mean, that you don't see in the menu screen. actually
I also installed opevpn but it didn't appear in the menu, not even with the blue button on the remote control

In Topic: PLIHD skin, with animationSetup function

7 November 2019 - 22:33

What does an animation add... beside to making you more nervous by browsing the menu’s..? Most other images having this feature already disabled it by default as far I know...
We’re trying to keep it simple quick and easy... and indeed our e2 does not support animation.



friend, I said it because I think it would make it more beautiful, besides evaluating image openpli (it was like before I had written the bootvideo on en that nobody wanted, but everyone was looking for it)
and then animationsetup as I said it would make it more beautiful openpli