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Latest DVB-T2 DUAL MTSIF Tuner signal problems

9 August 2021 - 20:29

Hi, people , just buy recently this tuner for my Vu receivers and must be drivers problem for this tuner on OPEN PLI , most of terestrial programs have max 52 % S/N or even 38 % at weak forecast and than even not receive at all. And i install VTI image 15 and this  same tuner work there for 99 % or 80 min !!!!! No breaks in signal etc.So what happened in Open pli drivers that couse weak reception ?????????

Mini TV did not work on Vu Ultimo 4K

8 August 2021 - 21:01

Hi , why on Ultimo 4K mini tv feature allow watch tv channel on lcd internal display not work at all ? On Duo 4K SE work great but on best receiver ever didn't.

Vu Duo 4KSE Remote Conrol as Universal for TV

8 August 2021 - 15:34

Hi, anyone knows how to program Vu remote new or old models to work with tv , mainly Panasonic and Sony.They have universal option but they never said how to set properly for TV.

CI module blocking oscam reader on Duo 4K SE

21 July 2021 - 20:25

Hi , next problem with successor of Ultimo 4k :angry: so strange that after inserting Viaccess v 5.0 CI module , any slot , after couple seconds oscam reader suddenly stop working with card , still visible in openwebif but does't work. CI with card work ok of course.Only restart and removing CI restore oscam decoding.Any help or just my defective tuner ´┐Ż

Blind scan error on VU DUO 4KSE

21 July 2021 - 20:00

Hello , i just bought Duo 4k SE and Blind scan on Open Pli 8 latest build show only error - Please sutup your tuner configuration. All tuners are proper setup as A and B for motorised antenna and I and J for second fixed antenna for HB 13 E .Also Q for DVB-T USB TURBO.Any help ? couse i like very Blind scan using to search on all satellites. i was try on VTI 15 and there work but not finding any transponders.