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In Topic: Regular GSOD crash

5 November 2015 - 11:46

Yes, I also see this line in log file but anyway I don't have any crossepg, as you see on screenshot, strange no ?



I test a little more further and It seem's to  be ok for now. I see on another tv in kitchen that DVB-T channels have changed frequencies. I make a complete rescan of dvb-t with a clear of channel. Rebuild DVBT favorite list and no more crash ... 


I found that strange that openpli crash for a bad channel ? 


For what is used swap and how to activate it ? is it necessary ?


Thanks for taking time for me

In Topic: Regular GSOD crash

4 November 2015 - 20:54

Thanks for your response, but I don't faund any trace of crossEPG. In plugins menu, it's avalaible for download but it's not installed.


A ftp check :