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In Topic: merge requests for PLi's git

31 January 2021 - 17:41

I have my personal Images such as OpenTS and OpenBH for DM800/800se/520/920 depend on my personal recipes from (openVision, Openpli, OE-all and Openvix) not just one core 

And I want to support DreamOne/Tow and I have already my personal recipes files. 


I don't know really ... If you have some problems with (Persian Prince) Why did you involve me in the subject.

These are childish behavior ... What is the relationship between me and the subject ...

Have I been exposed to you by himself this way ?! 

In Topic: merge requests for PLi's git

31 January 2021 - 17:26

Of course not .... and As I wrote to Toysoft 




I need to fix my recipes file (sound) does not work on OV images


I need to fix MY RECIPES (my personal recipes) 

In Topic: merge requests for PLi's git

31 January 2021 - 17:17


Ask Fairbird your slave (that's the second time he asks, and contacted also Delfi from PurE2 in the same way), ask about his post in private (and strangely all DreamOne/Two images are "Persian Prince" compiled, hummm...).

fairbird Online content - VIP Japhar - old hand - Registered: 03/09/15 - Posts: 736

#24539 - 01/31/21 02:35 PM Dream One/Two

Hello my friend ...

Can you please share yous meta-dream for One/Two ...
I need to fix my recipes file (sound) does not work on OV images ...

Thank you


Toysoft, on 31 Jan 2021 - 17:22, said:

There is much more behind this than that post, and I totaly agree with you WanWizard, age gave you Wisdom that some youngster will take tens of years to have.

See : https://forums.openp...ll-shocker-lol/


See : https://forums.openp...esteamspersons/

and he asks his friends/team to contact privately all our friends including myself as he needs the DMM meta-dream for DreamOne/DreamTwo... but all is there on DMM Github.

DMM GitHub : https://github.com/o...o/meta-dreambox

Have a nice weekend, and keep the openpli good job, the best image around by far.


WanWizard, on 31 Jan 2021 - 16:43, said:

So this is the final dead blow to Pedro Newbie's legacy?

You've taken it over, and changed it so that is only works on your own image? Disappointing, not at all what open source is about...

Can you show us some proof of your bullshit?

Waiting to see some proof about:

"he asks his friends/team to contact privately all our friends including myself".

I'm happy to give you a finger for this but I'm saving the joy after seeing the proof ;)




Exactly, 100%.


It did supoort OpenPLi, you took over, changed it so it only supports your own image, and now you say "fork it before I delete it, you're on your own".


Which is to say it fiendly not very nice to the open source community, not in the spirit of it, and the users of it.


Whether you use it or not has no real relevance, if you maintain something, you maintain it, that is how open source works. Especially if it is not your original work.



I asked your help as you asked me before more times my help such as



Hello Fairbird,

As discussed I am posting you here, I have a question, what should be modified/added to support on the DM9x0UHD OpenPLi the 4k/UHD streams ? As compiling the OpenPLi with the meta-dream there is no UHD/4k available, so there should be more to be "added" to OpenPLi/Enigma2 Git code.
Thank you !





Thank you Fairbird, very appreciated.

Have a nice saturday, now should be more Sunday as you are 2 hours head as well ;o)
I think I fixed that, was on the enigma2 and not the meta, but still I have the same problem as the DM520HD... the H265. Do you know how I can enable the H265 ? Thank you !
Merci !


and more more ...
There is no need for these responses here and defamation ... We exchange help and information ... Have I ever done what you did? !!
Why do we solve our personal conflict by including other parties in these disputes? !!


In Topic: e2designer (alpha)

27 January 2021 - 17:44

Also one more Big issue ....

The tools after edit any skin and press apply remove the render code ...

For example this widget

<widget source="session.Event_Now" render="xtraPoster" position="57,155" size="70,100" zPosition="2"/>

after apply change and save file I have got like this

<widget source="session.Event_Now" position="57,155" size="70,100" zPosition="2"/>

without (render="xtraPoster" )

In Topic: e2designer (alpha)

19 December 2020 - 10:24

Hello friend ...

bout version (e2designer-v0.2-52-gb10b501-x86_64.AppImage)

Tow things does't work smoothly ..


1-The version not stable always when I use it after few changes in skin the tools exit and all my changes gone without save it... The version (e2designer-v0.1-498-g3b39e59-x86_64.AppImage) more stable then last version


2-Still can not reading (panel) widget as screenshout shown.


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