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Fransat/Bis TV 5W Updated References

10 January 2018 - 17:18

Hi WIlly,


Could you update the Fransat/Bis TV TNT channels (5W) references 






TF1 1_0_19_191_4FB0_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

6Ter 1_0_19_1A6_4FB0_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

BFM TV 1_0_19_BC4_4E84_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

C8 1_0_19_BC5_4E84_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

Chérie25 1_0_19_BBD_4E84_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

CNews 1_0_19_BC3_4E84_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

CStar 1_0_19_BC6_4E84_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

Dici TV 1_0_19_1F5_5014_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

France2 1_0_19_12D_4F4C_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

France3 Sat 1_0_19_12E_4F4C_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

France4 1_0_19_12F_4F4C_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

France5 1_0_19_1A3_4FB0_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

FranceO 1_0_19_130_4F4C_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

FranceInfo 1_0_19_131_4F4C_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

Gulli 1_0_19_BC7_4E84_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

HD1 1_0_19_BB8_4E84_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

LCI 1_0_19_133_4F4C_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

LEquipe21 1_0_19_BB9_4E84_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

M6 1_0_19_193_4FB0_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

MBLive 1_0_19_B89_51A4_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

NRJ12 1_0_19_1A1_4FB0_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

NT1 1_0_19_1A8_4FB0_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

Numero23 1_0_19_BBB_4E84_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

RMC Decouverte 1_0_19_BBC_4E84_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

Vosges Television 1_0_19_B83_51A4_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

W9 1_0_19_1A5_4FB0_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0

TMC 1_0_19_1A7_4FB0_55F_FFCE0000_0_0_0



[Croatia] Arena Sport EPG

31 August 2017 - 09:50

Hi Willy, 


May you check why Arena Sport Hrvatska channels have no EPG 


Arena Sport 1 1:0:19:19C:3:40:0:0:0:0

Arena Sport 2 1:0:19:50:2:40:0:0:0:0

Arena Sport 3 1:0:19:6c:1:40:0:0:0:0

Arena Sport 4 1:0:19:d9:1:40:0:0:0:0

Arena Sport 5 1:0:19:be:3:40:0:0:0:0








OpenPLI - Philips AndroidTV & VUDUO2 - HDMI CEC issue

25 February 2017 - 17:30

Hi all,


A few days ago I offered myself a Philips Android TV...

When I plugged my VU Duo2 for the first time to the TV, it has been recognized straight away and I was able to use the Philips remote for it.


But since yesterday (and potentially after consecutive power cuts) the only CEC command left working is to set the VU off.


I followed Philips instructions (unplug all cables, power off TV & receiver) but no luck there.

Not more after reinstalling latest OpenPLI & TV set back to factory settings.


My VUDuo2 CEC address is set to - guess this is wrong as should be assigned to the TV??

Tried to clear it but nothing happens.


I ran the HDMI Test plugin but hard to say if there's anything wrong going on there :)


Tried different entry price HDMI cables as well (not convinced a 40€ would do a better job)


Any suggestion or help would be welcome?