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In Topic: [WIP] PLi-DarkOS Skin

Today, 09:20

I also like the choice between the "vertical" alternative layout for the mediaplayer and the "horizontal" standard layout.


After changing the layout from standard to alternative i have to restart the mediaplayer for the layout to change to alternative.

Can this be changed or am i doing something wrong? Maybe adding a help text so this is clear for everyone?

In Topic: [WIP] PLi-DarkOS Skin

9 April 2024 - 20:18

Sounds we need to add an option for the fallback tuner in case we have an active tuner in a client box. Makes a big sense!!! Please send me an reminder when I do not implement it somewhere next week.


and maybe split this out of this tread as it is not related to this skin.


Regarding the wrong skinning it could be that oe-a uses a modified version from partnerbox… and then it is not easy to adjust.


Off topic:

Wow, that is FAST!


Attached File  Fallback timer by Default.jpg   99.08KB   4 downloads


Thank you littlesat!

Other oe-a images like openATV are Struggling to adapt Plugins like Partnerbox to Python 3, instead of implementing Fallback tuner in the right way.

In Topic: [WIP] PLi-DarkOS Skin

8 April 2024 - 11:27

Thanks for you're reaction Dimitar, i also found the fix yesterday https://forums.openp...85#entry1616577 .

In Topic: [WIP] PLi-DarkOS Skin

7 April 2024 - 13:15

Changing the itemHeight to 120 in skin_plugins.xml did the trick.

	<screen name="RemoteTimer" position="fill" flags="wfNoBorder" backgroundColor="transparent">
		<panel name="Screen_1_1" />
		<widget name="timerlist" position="135,160" size="1650,6*90" scrollbarMode="showNever" itemHeight="120" iconMargin="30" rowSplit="45" setEventNameFont="Regular;32" setServiceNameFont="Regular;28" setFont="Regular;28" satPosLeft="250" sidesMargin="20" />
		<widget addon="Pager" connection="timerlist" position="145,915" size="1630,25" transparent="1" backgroundColor="background" />
		<eLabel position="135,720" size="1650,2" backgroundColor="background5" zPosition="-7" />
		<widget name="text" position="145,730" size="1620,150" backgroundColor="background" font="Regular;30" halign="center" valign="center"/>

Attached File  Partnerbox remote timerlist.jpg   84KB   2 downloads


In Topic: [WIP] PLi-DarkOS Skin

7 April 2024 - 12:59

That's exactly what I meant.

Thank you littlesat and WanWizard!