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Play (rip/convert) protected Blu-Ray discs on Debian/Ubuntu amd64

31 January 2017 - 20:58

Hello all.

Thisone is in English.

I want to make it easy for newbees with a BluRay drive in their Debian / Ubuntu (and other Debian based distributions) computer.

Extract the attached file and read the Readme. (Keep in mind, i'm not sure if it's legal, but hey result is that you can use your Blu-Ray collection on your Debian/ (based) I86_amd64 computer.


When done you can use a player like for example VLC to play the Blu-ray disc (in VLC: media/disc/BluRay and browse to userdirectory - media - select BluRay title and click on play.)


I post this here, because maybe this can be used for enigma2 to play Blu-Ray discs when a Blu-Ray drive is installed on sata connection of enigma2 stb. (you only need libaacs for enigma2 because the one in the archive is for amd64 Debian(based) and the other file you see in the aacs directory in the attached archive.)

Install Debian or FreeBSD mipsel os on DM8000 ?

13 September 2016 - 13:33

Hi all.

Since Dream multimedia isn't active anymore with OE1.6 & OE2.0 devices, i was wondering what fun experiments to do with my DM8000.

OpenPLi is the only enigma2 image that still offers updates (correct me if i'm wrong).


I see on distrowatch.com that Debian and FreeBSD offers mipsel versions.

Is their a way to install Debian or FreeBSD on the DM8000?

I ask this becasue the default flashing way of DM8000 uses enigma2 images with *.nfi extension.


Would be nice if their is a enigma2 .nfi image who creates sort of bios, so that the DM8000 can boot from DVD drive to install debian or FreeBSD.


Anyone experiences with this?


I know the DM8000 is just 450MHz dualcore. But it's just that i want to do other things with the DM8000. (I cannot use sat dish anymore because of threes in lign of sight, and only Ziggo FTC (unencrypted) channels or Digitenne unencrypted channels is just...boring. So how about a DM8000 office suit (libreoffice) with nas and vlc.