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Two problems with VU+ Uno 4K SE

26 June 2018 - 05:29

Hello all!

I just buy a new VU+ Uno 4K SE and have two questions regarding EPG and signal.


EPG: I have a MiracleBox TWIN+ with OpenPli. When press the EPG I see a nice EPG view with all channels (I only have 16 @ DVB-C)
     And it's easy to move to next day only holding the right arrow.
     With the VU+ with latest OpenPli i only get info on the program i watch when pressing EPG. Then I have to press "BLUE" to see all
     channels. And still I only see one program per channel. Not so nice overview as with the Miraclebox.
     Is that something with the box and not the EPG in OpenPli?


As for the signal i tested the lastest firmware from VU+ and "installed" my 16 channels. All worked ok with signal at 100%. With OpenPli
i have 2 channels toggle between 100% and 51% every seconde and make the picture jitter and not possible to watch.
Anyone see that before?


BR// Daniel

Miraclebox twin+ no signal on decoder B

5 February 2018 - 13:31

Hello all.

I have a problem with my twin+ box with two tuners for dvb-c. Both tuners are working fine after installation of 6.1.
But when i try to record a channel that i’m not curently watching the recordings show up blank and tuner B just say turner error. And the signal say 0.0db.
Before i try to record signal is ok at ca 36db.
The only way is to restart the box and both tuners are ok again. But when try to record same thing again.
I also had this problem on 6.0 and that was why i updated to 6.1.
I didnt have any problem with openpli 4...
Maybe i should install that again?

BR Daniel

After update box cant record a second chanel

30 December 2017 - 18:47

Hello all, happy new year!
I am a total noob on this with tv boxes.....
I have a miraclebox twin plus (two dvb-c tuners) that i had openpli 4 from may 2017. Today i installed openpli 6 (release today).
I always have my smartcard (?) in the lower built in slot and it has worked as expected. Now after update box don`t see the card anymore. I tried the upper slot with same result...
I tried to downgrade to today openpli 4 with same problem.
I had an old dialog ca modul, installed my card there and put it in my box. Works but i can only see one chanel. So if i record something that is the only chanel working even that i have two tuners...

Anyone know what could be the problem?

BR // Daniel