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In Topic:Need help with Image openPli 8.1

9 november 2021 - 10:32

Why do you advise him Oscam ?


As said CCcam end of life long time already, thus imho if you start with a fresh flash, update your softcam as well ...

In Topic:Need help with Image openPli 8.1

5 november 2021 - 06:30

hmm hard to tell, as little details are provided except for "it freezes all the time", therefore  I suspect WAN sharing in this matter.

If not , now it is a good moment to switch to oscam as CCcam is end of life long long time ago already ...

opkg update && opkg list |grep oscam

enigma2-plugin-softcams-oscam - git10603+ef7f844-r0.2 - enigma2-plugin-softcams-oscam version gitAUTOINC+ef7f844739-r0
enigma2-plugin-softcams-oscam-emu - git1961+da98666-r0.3 - enigma2-plugin-softcams-oscam-emu version gitAUTOINC+da986667ad-r0

opkg install "either with or without -emu"

In Topic:Zgemma H7S only I see in ziggo cable NL the SD channels not the HD ...

15 oktober 2021 - 15:23


If you own a Quantis CI+ module this means it has an Irdeto smartcard in it… This card can still be used with OScam. Just take the card out of the module and place it (chip down! and facing backwards) into the cardslot of your Zgemma. Install OScam and search online for a Ziggo compatible reader….


My response is a follow up from @mimisiku ( thus card in enigma2 box with proper oscam files )

In Topic:Zgemma H7S only I see in ziggo cable NL the SD channels not the HD ...

15 oktober 2021 - 15:19

New Zgemma h7s  with open pli 8 , card ziggo and ci+module  , all channels with the Old Humax  HD and SD`S .


But with this ZGemma H7S in the same connector,  only I see or decode the SD`s channels , the HD  except 1, 2, 3 nl  not scrambled ,  Black  and ?  Error : HOST IS NOT CI+ compatible..... in all scrambled HD`s. :TVE CHannel 73 , etc 

ARTE 72  SD is ok.




well start with reactivating your card @Ziggo, that might help although it sounds silly I experienced similar issue long long time ago.

That card was used on a SD TV thus never tuned in to the HD channels .


This can be done thru "Mijn Ziggo" > Televisie > Zenders en pincode herstellen ( for applicable card )

Next "Zender aanbod ophalen" and click " Opnieuw Ophalen "


Leave card on HD channel and "hail Mary" thigs might start working within next 10 minutes

In Topic:Openpli 8.1 with OpenVPN running as server with just one client connected + os...

14 oktober 2021 - 08:30

@Nevil - You do realise in 8.1 OpenVPN v 2.5 ( and diff. OpenSSL ) is onboard while in 8.0 it is 2.4, different configs. perhaps culprit to be found in that direction ?

I don't have any issues on my ET10000, Vu+ or H7 - except if server side is being rebooted ( software updates ) or if IP address changes when Provider upgrades/restarts modem, that takes approx. 3 minutes before dns record is being updated ...