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In Topic: Openpli V6.1 Network problem

23 August 2019 - 20:12

There is no OpenPLi 6 for a DM500HD, the last image we made for this box was OpenPLi 4.

Ok, and this should solve all network problem?

How about a solution??

OR some kind of tips ;) - quick and straight to the point. :) 


I have enough from the "WAR" with Jet Lee and Jason Statham, from "TRON" and traces from Bill Gates and google :P


Maybe I have enough possibility more helpful To Be when I help people indeed - than to be opponent just for an idea,

or I have enough base to experiment from hard-ware and soft -ware :);


However the network problem is more about a soft -problem related, not a privilege what kind of machine you have or platform.


I'm for simple things - I will not searching the point how to mount the point and use the Computer -

more I'm for Exploring the maximum possibility of this Box - f.e. just implant some type of hard-drive or SSD.


Let say it I have find the simple way how to install a SSD in one DM (original or clone doesn't mother for me) without to change the Power supply of this Box or, to buy an adapter that usually needed one eSATA cable :) .


For me a one 25Mb/s data transfer is enough to use this SSD in triple action -when recording or when just transfer the data from Disk to computer - or both of them.


I don't need the special software from "Japhar" or another's that official or unofficial support the openpli or DM - I can put every image in my Box without something special.


But the network stay exactly in the same way for "Ferrari", Sim V2.1 or 2.10 or just V2 or whatever another SIM ist.


In  the end,

The Openpli (V6.1) image is pretty cool for me and that's is the reason why I need to use him and to resolve this little scratch


So I pleased everyone that have some info what can be the reason for this problem or already have similar just to point me in right direction.


Thank you! :)