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Openpli V6.1 Network problem

22 August 2019 - 18:15

For some reason after flashing and go from openpli V2 to openpli V6 on my DM500 HD still working but...

It's disappear from my network but is visible from my router.

It's still all folders accesible from webinterface "Openweb" and from any other ftp software like DCC or totalcommander, but I don't see my full DM500 HD in my network!


Before this Flash i have full access to full box.

I don'T ever mount any point in my old image i don'T use mount system, just enjoyed the box in network.


To use Openweb interface to get f.e. a music and movies from my HDD is a PAIN!!!

and that with basic web explorer with a 10Mb/s???

I have before the maximum of 25 Mb/s.


Everyone that have some experience please let me know.

I don't touched nothing in my routers or computers.

More of than:

IF I try to set up CIFS mounting with pass -->> whatever i want or not she give me no option to pass trough without a pass first,

and second, stay all the time one HIDDEN symbol!