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OpenPLi 3.0 webinterface-old missing (Vu+)

28 juli 2012 - 14:52


after some time I am now back on a Vu+ Ultimo. I'd like to use the old webinterface instead of Openwebif, mainly due to the fact that the bouqueteditor and the webadmin plugins are not working with Openwebif. However, the "old" webinterface seem to be not available on the 3.0 feed. I tried to install it manually via telnet, but it really seems to be missing. "opkg list *web*" lists a number of plugins including Openwebif and bouqueteditor, but not the old webinterface.

Is this for a reason? I find it strange that the bouqueteditor plugin is there, but cannot be installed because it depends on the old webinterface, which isn't there.

I think I should NOT mention that I tried to install the most recent webinterface from dreamboxupdate.com's OE2.0 feed, which interestingly worked fine, meaning that the installation went through without errors, and it's also in the extension menu and can be configured normally, but I cannot reach it from my computer, so probably they built some protection in. :)

Can someone please point me to an ipk or a direkt link to another PLi feed where I could download an ipk? Unfortunately there seem to be no way to browse the feeds, so you need a complete URL including the .ipk to download something.

Many thanks in advance!

Entering letters/numbers not working on Vu+ Ultimo

4 januari 2012 - 14:50

This is already being discussed off-topic in the front display thread, but I'd like to open a new topic for this.

Using OpenPLi on my Vu+ Ultimo, I am unable to enter any letters or numbers in editable fields, for instance when editing a timer. When I go to the name of the timer, the first press of any number button clears the current title, but it is not possible to enter any new characters. Also when trying to change the start/end time, nothing happens when pressing the buttons.

On the other hand, changing channels using the number keys works perfectly. So it's just an issue within E2 menus.

Can anyone with a Vu+ Ultimo and OpenPLi confirm this?

Vu+ Ultimo image: front display support?

1 januari 2012 - 12:30

I have just installed your new image for the Vu+ Ultimo. I was using OpenPLi on my previous Vu+ Duo and ET9000 for more than a year now, so I was happy to see that you now also have an image for the Ultimo.

However, there's one major disadvantage: I can't seem to find any way to configure the nice front display, which was the main reason why I got myself the Ultimo. In the VTI image there is a selection of several skins for the front display, also there are channel picons on their feed which are displayed on the front display.

Are you planning to implement something similar? Basically, all that I would need in addition to what the display already displays with your image are the channel picons.