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#290045 2 Fragen VU+ Ultimo

Posted by OldDeuteronomy on 28 July 2012 - 20:06

Sorry, hab übersehen, dass das der deutsche Bereich ist. Also nochmal auf deutsch:

Das zip (letzte Version, "VU_Ultimo_LCD_skin_pack_for_openpli_by_Raver(XX)_V3.1_based_on_VTI.zip") ist falsch zusammengepackt. Wenn man die Files so auf die Box kopiert, wie sie im zip liegen, dann landen die Icons in


... was eine Ebene zu tief ist. Sie müssen eine Ebene höher, also nach:


Außerdem braucht man auch den "piconlcd" Folder nicht, der im zip innerhalb des vfd_icons Folder liegt.

Also nochmal zusammengefasst: Platziert die Grafikfiles wie folgt:


#282512 How to Record by VUDUO or authers in HDD whitout advertazing.

Posted by OldDeuteronomy on 11 June 2012 - 00:36

So what you want and need is a VHS recorder. Plus an English dictionary. :D

#242982 Vu+ Ultimo image: front display support?

Posted by OldDeuteronomy on 1 January 2012 - 13:46

Honestly I'm not even sure if this is something they care about at all. :) Because the original Vu+ image for the Ultimo also does not contain any VFD customization capabilities. So I'm afraid that these capabilities in the VTI image are some homework of the VTI coders. If that would be the case, would that mean that it would never be possible to have any VFD customizations in PLi image?

#242159 Vu+ Kernel 3.1.1 beta

Posted by OldDeuteronomy on 29 December 2011 - 17:06

Besides of that: I think we would not have these kind of boxes if we would always be like "I am satisfied with the old stuff". :D

It's simply a matter of principle to have the new kernel running. If someone is a "Never change a running system" guy, he/she might better get him-/herself a Technisat or Humax or something... :D


PS: Still, I completely get the point of the PLi team. I will stick to the original Vu+ image which is 3.1.1 based until PLi has an image ready.